Thursday, February 19, 2009


happy birthday, Little Boy!

(what, you were expecting some lengthy harangue about BDSM and feminism? maybe later. for the moment, I got more important things to do.)

at this time last year, I was in labor with you. that was quite a ride.

at about four in the morning, my water broke. I said to your father "honey, I feel kind of strange. do you think it's time?"

and your father threw up all over his shoes. that's how I knew it was time. so off we went. fourteen hours of screaming for my mama later, there you were.

you were really small. and really hungry.

and now you're bigger. and still pretty hungry.

so, now, you're some 15 pounds heavier (oy!) and, I don't know, like four or five inches longer, and you have three and a half teeth.

your fave raves:
knocking down blocks
the color red
things that crinkle
things inside things
banging on the xylophone

putting clothes on
taking clothes off
your snowsuit (we call it the NO-suit)

and that's about it. you don't walk yet, or do any fun tricks, but you do know three words: mama, dada, nurnurnur (nurse). and that gets you by.

you've turned me into a total duct-tape mom, though. I like carrying you around with me everywhere. You ride around on my back all the time. we ride the bus together, go to work together, walk to the market together in all kinds of weather - we even walked up and down the las vegas strip together in December. (You were not remarkably impressed. Mostly, you slept.)

before I get all sappy and disgusting, let me just say (of course) - your mom and dad love you VERY MUCH.

oh, and one other thing:
there's this little boy, his name is Phin, he's about two, his mom works at the same place I work and he comes to work with his mom all the time. about three months ago, Wolfie was crying for some reason (I think he smacked his head, or was lonely, or swallowed a bee or something...kidding, kidding...), and Phin had this great deep moment of empathy - you could totally see the compassion radiating from his adorable little head, it was crazy - and he patted Wolfie really gently on the head, and said

"it's okay, Wookie, don't cry."

so, now, all your little friends call you Wookie.

Wookie Parsons, ladies and gentlemen!

(and may I also include a big huge mooshy wet kiss to Rootie, who helped me get through the first few months without jumping off a bridge. I will always love you for that.)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

so this is totally cool:

I want to knit a skeleton!

Monday, February 09, 2009

More, briefly, on this whole BDSM argument:

(you know, I used to take the time to explain myself, to link to my source material, to really fully explore all my ideas. no more. no time. wish I did. these days I'm lucky if I get five minutes to blog at all.)

here it is, for me: any thing (or thought or action) that challenges someone's idea of what a member of Class Woman should or ought to do or be - that thing (or thought or action) is a feminist thing (or thought or action).*

it may not be a virtuous thing, or a pure thought, or a particularly bold or righteous action, but why should feminism have a skewed view of womankind?

*I know - a grammar monstrosity. but there it is. maybe later I'll come back and pretty it up some so I don't appear so stone stupid. (but you know what they say about trying to polish a turd...)

Friday, February 06, 2009

oh, hey, look - it's open season on bottoms again.

I don't have a whole lot of time to go into it point-by-point, but I will say this, borrowing from the right-wing gun nuts of my childhood:

sex acts don't kill people. people kill people.

really, I don't know how much more simply I can put it.

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