Thursday, October 09, 2008

Meet Wolfychan

she's quoting the famous Demonista and her Cuntspeak Carnival, and discussing further:

I would like this carnival to be about things such as:

-analysing the word "cunt", eg can it be reclaimed? does it offer a strong feminist analysis, eg in inventing new words, naming new ways of Be-ing, speaking, etc?

The word can be reclaimed to describe a body part. It's actually pretty useful there, because we're pretty short of body-part words that don't evoke either clinical detachment or uncontrollable giggles. But as a description of a woman's whole way of "Be-ing," it's fucking ridiculous. I have a cunt; so what? So does half the world, and anyway I was just born with it. It's not like I won it in a contest or something.

enjoy her contribution to the Cuntspeak Carnival. I thought it was funny, anyway.

hey, should we have a Cunt of the Week Contest? so we could win a cunt in a contest?

yeah, very motherly and appropriate of me. I get three minutes to blog in a week, these days, and this is how I spend it? oh the shame...

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