Thursday, October 09, 2008

Meet Wolfychan

she's quoting the famous Demonista and her Cuntspeak Carnival, and discussing further:

I would like this carnival to be about things such as:

-analysing the word "cunt", eg can it be reclaimed? does it offer a strong feminist analysis, eg in inventing new words, naming new ways of Be-ing, speaking, etc?

The word can be reclaimed to describe a body part. It's actually pretty useful there, because we're pretty short of body-part words that don't evoke either clinical detachment or uncontrollable giggles. But as a description of a woman's whole way of "Be-ing," it's fucking ridiculous. I have a cunt; so what? So does half the world, and anyway I was just born with it. It's not like I won it in a contest or something.

enjoy her contribution to the Cuntspeak Carnival. I thought it was funny, anyway.

hey, should we have a Cunt of the Week Contest? so we could win a cunt in a contest?

yeah, very motherly and appropriate of me. I get three minutes to blog in a week, these days, and this is how I spend it? oh the shame...

Well, the menfolk are forever comparing their know...THOSE. Why not a cunt contest? Mine's hairier than yours? I can shoot a golfball out of mine?

For petes sake it's just a body part. People who go all mystical about it worry me.
Antiprincess - could I nominate my very-soon-to-be-ex-wife for Cunt Of The Week (Month... Year... Decade...), or would the judges throw that out based on circumstance? ha ha

Rootietoot - the word you need to use as a substitute word for male paraphenailea (did I spell that even remotely fucking right?) is "Johnson".

And no, we as straight males do not compare our Johnsons. At age 20, we may brag about their stamina and size, but most of us at the time were halfway through a twelve pack, and unless we were a football player or smooth talker, we ended up finishing beers in front of Carson or Letterman instead of the young woman we just spent 2 hours talking to until said football player or smooth talker said "hi" and she disappeared.

Awesome comment, though, Rootietoot. Golf balls? Wow, not going to comment there.

Alright... going to was poetic, brace yourselves....

Every person is different sexually, emotionally and physically. Our tendency is always to compare one person
to the next... relationship
wise, it's not the right thing
to do, but we still just do it.
I do. Always have. Although no
one ever accused me of being
particularly f---ing bright.

I always go back to the exchange from the movie "Caddyshack":

Judge Smails: "Ty, what did you shoot today? 68, 67..?"

Ty Webb: "Oh, Judge, I don't keep score."

Judge Smails: "Then how do you measure yourself with other golfers?"

Ty Webb: "By height."

So why do we compare things from person to person that shouldn't be compared? Not just physically or looks or body-part wise..?

I guess its human nature.

If I'd been a Sociology major instead of a Math/Poli-Sci major, I might be able to answer that, and might also be better than
0-for-9 in terms of getting dumped on my ass relationship wise.

(Sigh).. I blabber on...

Though if we're having a body-part contest, I might be able to win the most broken-up, scarred ankle contest (Antiprincess can vouch).

Weird message... hope I don't throw a wet towel on the thread...

The whole comparison of any sort strikes me as futile. I mean, why not say I'm better than you because I have hazel eyes and yours are brown?

Yeah- Johnson. I remember those ridiculous Big Johnson t-shirts that enjoyed a popularity 'mongst a certain demographic. My teenage boy-men thought I didn't understand the reference.

To use 'cunt' (I hate that word. It's harsh and ugly to my ears) as an insult...I don't know. I like troglodyte better. 'Cunt' just seems...brutish sort of.
Rootietoot -

Your last point is a good one. We need a word like "Johnson" to describe the female paraphenailea (there I go with the spelling again).

"Cunt" is just plain vulgar. "Pussy" is maybe a bit less vulgar but overused and not something that passes the PG-13 threshold. There's probably another 8 or 10 or so terms I could rattle off that just don't make the PG-13 level.

Any nominations anyone?

Would the cunts need different sashes, like a beauty contest? With names?

Supposed to be getting ready for work, here I discussing cunt contests... so I'm as bad as you are. :P
There's always yoni...tho a bit mystical for my Deep South tastes.

Delicate Flower O' Femininity

'course I'm partial to the minimalist "down there". but that has alot to do with my upbringing.
Wait a minute... I have an idea (as the world collectively says, oh shit, Bill has an idea, brace yourself for armageddon)....

If men use "Johnson" as an acceptable nickname for er...their "wedding tackle"..., why not the same idea for females? "Jane", maybe?

Just throwing it out there....
that's a really interesting idea, I gotta say.
Well, it's called "Lady Jane" in Lady Chatterley's Lover...

Cunt is a good word to reclaim. Wasn't it those bloody Normans taking a perfectly nice English word and deciding it was rude, because it wasn't Latinate?

Or is that a linguistic myth?

Also, "cunt" is a more gender-neutral insult over here - I mean, yes, it refers to female genitals, but it's thrown at both sexes.

(Hello, by the way!)
Wait a minute!!!

I think I'm onto something here (of course I had to Google around a bit). The late great George Carlin's list is at the URL below.

My personal vote is for "Harbor of Hope" (or in my case, "Harbor of Not This Century")... This is a good list, though - George was a good dude.
Well, gee.. there I go again... killing yet another interesting discussion thread like a wet blanket thrown on a campfire....

Though I tend to be a natural at such things metaphorically in real life as well.
Cunt isn't Latinate, it's good old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon!

And *that* is why it was thought rude. Anglo-Saxon words were considered declasse. The upper classes learned to speak French after the Norman invasion, while the common people just kept on speaking what they'd been speaking. And the upper classes looked down their noses at such talk.

Same with fuck and shit - those are also good old Anglo-Saxon words. Also, all the words we use to describe meat in English nowadays - beef, poultry, pork - are Latinate, whereas the older native English words are used to describe the animal itself.
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