Thursday, February 19, 2009


happy birthday, Little Boy!

(what, you were expecting some lengthy harangue about BDSM and feminism? maybe later. for the moment, I got more important things to do.)

at this time last year, I was in labor with you. that was quite a ride.

at about four in the morning, my water broke. I said to your father "honey, I feel kind of strange. do you think it's time?"

and your father threw up all over his shoes. that's how I knew it was time. so off we went. fourteen hours of screaming for my mama later, there you were.

you were really small. and really hungry.

and now you're bigger. and still pretty hungry.

so, now, you're some 15 pounds heavier (oy!) and, I don't know, like four or five inches longer, and you have three and a half teeth.

your fave raves:
knocking down blocks
the color red
things that crinkle
things inside things
banging on the xylophone

putting clothes on
taking clothes off
your snowsuit (we call it the NO-suit)

and that's about it. you don't walk yet, or do any fun tricks, but you do know three words: mama, dada, nurnurnur (nurse). and that gets you by.

you've turned me into a total duct-tape mom, though. I like carrying you around with me everywhere. You ride around on my back all the time. we ride the bus together, go to work together, walk to the market together in all kinds of weather - we even walked up and down the las vegas strip together in December. (You were not remarkably impressed. Mostly, you slept.)

before I get all sappy and disgusting, let me just say (of course) - your mom and dad love you VERY MUCH.

oh, and one other thing:
there's this little boy, his name is Phin, he's about two, his mom works at the same place I work and he comes to work with his mom all the time. about three months ago, Wolfie was crying for some reason (I think he smacked his head, or was lonely, or swallowed a bee or something...kidding, kidding...), and Phin had this great deep moment of empathy - you could totally see the compassion radiating from his adorable little head, it was crazy - and he patted Wolfie really gently on the head, and said

"it's okay, Wookie, don't cry."

so, now, all your little friends call you Wookie.

Wookie Parsons, ladies and gentlemen!

(and may I also include a big huge mooshy wet kiss to Rootie, who helped me get through the first few months without jumping off a bridge. I will always love you for that.)

awwww! so cute. very best wishes to my favorite lil oppressor in training.
hi sly! how you doing?
So cute!!!! :-)
- and he patted Wolfie really gently on the head, and said

"it's okay, Wookie, don't cry."

so, now, all your little friends call you Wookie.

Wookie Parsons, ladies and gentlemen!

...And thus is created a nickname that will haunt him for the rest of his life... ;-)

Seriously, though, hurrah for little Wolfie, and best wishes to him and his mum!
Oh, I like Wookie. he seems to dig it. and it's star-warsy, so I think it's +2 cool, not really a handicap. it's like a drummer's name.

funny thing, "Wolfgang Amadeus" was sort Mozart's stage name.

his real name was "Johann Chrystostomus Wolfgang Theophilus".

and he had a sister named Nancy.
Mozarts real name sounds like a social disease.

Happy Birthday, Wolfie and Mom and Dad! May the 2nd year be interesting and safe and full of laughs and fun :o)
Happy birthday, Wolfie - I mean, Wookie!
C3P0: He made a fair move. Screaming about it won't help you.

Han: Let him have it. It's not wise to upset a Wookie.

C3PO: But sir, nobody worries about upsetting a droid.

Han: That's 'cause droids don't pull people's arms out of their sockets when they lose. Wookies are known to do that.

C3PO: I see your point, sir. I suggest a new strategy, Artoo. Let the Wookiee win.
now, good sportsmanship is important, even if he does grow up to be seven feet tall and covered in fur. chess-related tantrums will be dealt with.
awwww!! HBD Wookie!
Wookie at 18? See URL below...
Wookie at 18? See URL below...
Just beautiful, and so happy!!!!
aw :) congrats! and good luck to you and the family :)
Wookie? Oh, dude, you get bonus geek points for that. Has he seen his name sake in cinema yet?

I wince at the thought of labor. Dude. Much less diapers. I have trouble dealing with the effluvia of a kitten who emits weapons-grade....kitten....stuff. I could just point her butt toward Baghdad and win the war.
hi ginmar! nope, he has no idea what a Woookieee is. but when he does, I think he'll think it's cool. at least I like to think so.
how are you doing?
Well, I'm not so good. Ironically? Feminists did it to me. I'm done. I closed my blog and I'm taking a permanent hiatus. I had one too many run-ins with people who go, "College-educated people are always right, you peasant." And then they denied any privilege in being the one who judges others, you know? Bleh. I've gotten some shit for being friends with Ren, too. I resign. I'm too damned tired.
College-educated people are NOT always right. Between my girlfriend and I we have a combined 42 years of education. We both suck at picking spouses and have a checkered relationship with our families, at best. I've had a lifetime of being wrong. If I thought blowing off college would have made me be right more often, I'd have taken that exit ramp 24 years ago. Then again, I wouldn't have met said girlfriend - though she is one of the 5 percent of classmates of mine that isn't a total pompous ass. And we can
commiserate about being wrong most
of the time.

P.S. to A-P.... Wookie is still super cute! But are you really ready for this in 15 years:
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