Monday, September 08, 2008

okay, so there's lots and lots of stuff going on in the world. important stuff. Sarah Palin. The Economy. Oppression. The usual suspects. and I would have a lot to say about them all if I could only get a coupla minutes to sort out my thoughts and actually be able to use both hands to type with.

but today what I'm using my two-handed typing time to mention, what I'm really excited about, because I'm the world's biggest mommy-dork, is this -

last night we watched The Clone Wars. and I was not remarkably impressed with it as a piece of cinema - I found the style of animation to be hard on the eyes, the dialogue to be hard on the ears, and I have to say that Hayden Christensen's performance was NOT improved by being drawn in three dimensions. (you'd think having that extra dimension would help, but not really.)

However, I did notice this really cool thing. the story turns on the retrieval of Jabba the Hutt's little boy (or little slug-thing) Rutta. Our heroes, Anakin and his plucky apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, find the Huttlet, yay. But how are they going to do their usual space-hero business with a baby slug-thing to look after?

answer? they use a baby carrier. actually, two - a backpack-style carrier, and later, a wrap.

Anakin Skywalker, intergalactic bad-ass, carried the baby in a baby carrier. looked like an Ergo. a Space Ergo.

Was he afraid he would look "girly"? no. Was he afraid he'd drop the baby or some other stupid excuse? no. you'd think he'd have been nervous about plasma space bullets or flying space shrapnel or other hazards of space heroics. but not so much. he just kept on truckin', space-heroically speaking.

and Ahsoka's most excellent light-saber fight towards the end? all while carrying Rutta on her back, looking fabulous in their striped german wrap? yeah, I could identify. I have days like that. (I call them "weekdays".) of course, I don't pull off a wrap with quite the panache that Ahsoka did. alas. and I can't afford a german wrap anyway. but everything else about that scene? yeah, I totally identify.

my diaper bag even has a light-saber pocket.

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