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okay, so there's lots and lots of stuff going on in the world. important stuff. Sarah Palin. The Economy. Oppression. The usual suspects. and I would have a lot to say about them all if I could only get a coupla minutes to sort out my thoughts and actually be able to use both hands to type with.

but today what I'm using my two-handed typing time to mention, what I'm really excited about, because I'm the world's biggest mommy-dork, is this -

last night we watched The Clone Wars. and I was not remarkably impressed with it as a piece of cinema - I found the style of animation to be hard on the eyes, the dialogue to be hard on the ears, and I have to say that Hayden Christensen's performance was NOT improved by being drawn in three dimensions. (you'd think having that extra dimension would help, but not really.)

However, I did notice this really cool thing. the story turns on the retrieval of Jabba the Hutt's little boy (or little slug-thing) Rutta. Our heroes, Anakin and his plucky apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, find the Huttlet, yay. But how are they going to do their usual space-hero business with a baby slug-thing to look after?

answer? they use a baby carrier. actually, two - a backpack-style carrier, and later, a wrap.

Anakin Skywalker, intergalactic bad-ass, carried the baby in a baby carrier. looked like an Ergo. a Space Ergo.

Was he afraid he would look "girly"? no. Was he afraid he'd drop the baby or some other stupid excuse? no. you'd think he'd have been nervous about plasma space bullets or flying space shrapnel or other hazards of space heroics. but not so much. he just kept on truckin', space-heroically speaking.

and Ahsoka's most excellent light-saber fight towards the end? all while carrying Rutta on her back, looking fabulous in their striped german wrap? yeah, I could identify. I have days like that. (I call them "weekdays".) of course, I don't pull off a wrap with quite the panache that Ahsoka did. alas. and I can't afford a german wrap anyway. but everything else about that scene? yeah, I totally identify.

my diaper bag even has a light-saber pocket.

And then there's this fashion statement....(cut and paste the whole URL into your browser)
For a while I tried using a sarong as a wrap, as we were too broke to buy official wraps. I was inspired by the images of South Asian women walking around with the kid tied to their backs. Plus, I *had* a sarong. Eventually I went to the umbrella stroller (dangerous child harming thing it is, if used improperly). I didn't see the movie. The previews made me cringe.
I don't know how anyone can afford a wrap. seriously. I wouldn't even know about them but for working in the store.
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OK. I'll leave a Sarah Palin comment. Or kind of a long one. political disclaimer.

Politically, I'll describe myself as a fiscal and military conservative, and pretty much down the middle socially or maybe a little right of center on some things, left of center on others...

That being said,

I think McCain and the GOP showed a lot of guts picking Sarah Palin.

People argue why wasn't Kay Bailey Hutchinson or some other more experienced politician picked, if McCain wanted a female on the ticket? Or Joe Lieberman if he
wanted to play to independents or
disenchanted Democrats?

Duh! McCain has been in the Senate for what... 30 years, and the guy's 70 years old. He picks an established politican, male or female, and he'd get the tune from the Democrats of "what do you what, CHANGE, or more of the same?". Him picking Palin throws that out the window, and he probably picks up literally 3 or 4%of the vote simply for having her on the ticket (right, wrong or
indifferent). And he cancels the
"CHANGE" message to a large extent by that pick.

I thought Palin's speech was quite good. I think the best of the four Pres-VPres speeches, especially in terms of delivery.

I always used to say, the best speaker I ever heard and saw was Mario Cuomo - diagreed with 90% of what he was saying, but, man, what a speaker and what great delivery.
Same for Bill Clinton.

Joe Biden (whom I detest - oops did I type that - he thinks he's a lot smarter than he is) actually delivered his speech VERY well - didn't shout as much as I thought he would. And McCain and Obama gave their pre-packaged speeches - no foibles, but nothing out of the box or extraordinary.

So Palin.

She's generally far right, but all over the map on stuff on certain things. But she has a "Dick Cheney" mean streak in her that McCain does not (see Newsweek this week). She also has more political experience in terms of years than Obama, which is interesting. A bit too far to the right for me
on social issues. But we'll see.
Gutsy pick by McCain.

Other weird thing it does... and
think about this... Folks scrutinizing the Republicans every move are focusing on Palin, the VP, not McCain. Folks scrutinizing the Democrats every move are focusing on Obama. I just think there's also an element of deflection in the Palin pick.

Nonetheless, regardless of who wins the election, history will be made in a positive fashion.
So what kind of sling would a participant in the Iditarod use? Cause that's what we really want to know.
I think S. Palin has a ring sling.

however, I'm not sure it's competition-quality. ;) and would suck for dog sledding anyway.

Native Alaskans came up with something called an amautik, which, when in use, sort of looks like your baby is riding in the hood of your coat. except your little punkymuffin is actually in a sort of pocket, so s/he can snuggle down in there and stay warm.
I love babies and all the that goes with them, but I love equally that my children are old enough to leave alone for a while. And 9 yr old boys are so darn CUTE. He's all arms and legs and would be awkward in the pouch thing you speak of.
I assume an Iditarod participant would use some sort of portable incubator, assuming it wasn't too heavy for the poor dogs. Just kind of stow the baby in a little heated room with DVD's and a Playstation and all kinds of stuff as the sled rolls across Alaska.....

Punkymuffin??? Antipricess... where the hell did that poly-syllabic pronoun come from? :-)
I expected more from a varsity athlete!!! (cheap movie quote)

9 year old boys are not cute. I was a horror show when I was 9 years old (and some would still argue....). My best friend from college has a 9 year old - and the kid was fantastically obedient and such - and then he turned 9. And from there it's been total sdkjfhksjbvdosihfsdvsuvu in the household.

So we talk about the "terrible twos".... how about the "nuclear nines"?

Seems like that's about the time when kids think they know things that their parents don't and they got a little cocky. Speaking from experience here, but my dad (rest his soul) was VERY quick to remind me exactly what little I knew at age 9, 10, 11, 17....even if it took his size-9 footprint on my ass to do it. Glad he did, I'd probably be hugging a garbage can or lamp-post somewhere right now, muttering to myself.

It's so funny being a very-soon-to-be-divorced 41 yr old male, dating a divorced 47-year-old female whose youngest of 4 kids is 21 or 22. I think if I called Helen's youngest a "punkymuffin" he'd kick my rear, and rightly so. :-)

Bottom line though - Iditarod - little heated room / incubator. Think that would work well, provided the ice and frost didn't build up too much on the outside. I mean, after all, you gotta get the little guy or girl out once a night no?

Hey, I liked this thread... hope I didn't throw the proverbial wet towel on the fire.....
OK... I guess I DID kill the thread... sorry...
I like Sarah Palin. I believe that she better understands the middle class in America. She faces challenges that many of us face. Some of these challenges are that her youngest child has Down Syndrome, daughters facing the financial challenges of college, daughter is pregnant, and her eldest son is fighting in Iraq for our American freedoms and rights.

Palin's husband is just a union worker and thus under Barack Obama's tax plan she is also considered middle class.

And everyone seems to criticize her because she is a woman. Everyday there is something negative on MSM about Palin. I give her respect for being such a strong and confident woman who comes from the middle class.

Palin has the opportunity to break that glass ceiling for women of all cultures all over the world, stopping the degradation and objectification of all women. I know that she is not a Washington insider, but I hope she wins and changes our world for the better.
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