Friday, August 08, 2008

Wanna see Wolfie?

"Teh Patriarchy? I iz Teh Patriarchy!"

here goes another one:

in the second photo, you can clearly see how closely I conform to patriarchal standards of beauty and acceptability...or something...

and I know that white boy babies are a dime a dozen, and ooze privilege from every orifice (whoo boy, lemme tell ya, I change a lot more privilege-y diapers than I ever thought possible), and are really no great shakes, globally speaking, and are nothing to celebrate. but I like this one, my Nigel here.

I don't think I'll be letting him loose on the world until he can cook, clean up after himself, wash his own socks and accept rejection without falling to pieces. I'd like to think we can teach him that being a bully does not equal being a man, and that chromosomes do not indicate superiority.

but for now, I'll be happy when he gets some teeth. learns to crawl forward. says "hello!"

baby steps, man.

OMG!! He is precious! And I love his little legwarmers! :D I just want to give him a big hug!
Awww look at the cute!! He's beautiful xxx
oh thank you.

he is fairly appealing, if one is into that sort of thing. not everyone is, but if you are, holy crap ain't he cute?

those little legwarmers? I had no idea there was a need for those, but they keep his knees from getting carpet burn.

and I got them free from work.
Seriously great pics... you're so blessed... Some great smiles from mother and son in those photos - consider yourself so lucky even with diapers and such taken into account... so good to see such happiness.
Aww! He's beautiful! The leg warmers are a great idea!

-Shar0nb (who is having trouble logging in)
hi sharon! how are you?

I gotta say, he's a remarkably even-tempered baby.

I don't think he is cuter-than-average, or smarter-than-average, but he is definitely more easygoing than I (or anyone I know) expected.

and I wonder what accounts for that. considering his parents are completely neurotic and all..
Yay! So happeeeee! As for his temperment, maybe he's just that way. I had one like that, it was great most of the time.
oh- and woohoo on the breastfeeding! I was never so happy as when parked in a comfortable chair with a baby attached. They never caught colds, either.
That is the most adorable thing I have seen all month. You're a very lucky mama. Good luck with him.
I lurk on your blog, and I have to say that I love your sense of humour.

And, cute kid. :)
He's so cute, even as he oppresses you by requiring you to look after his every need.
thanks, all-a-y'all!

(and welcome, common ryan! glad I tickle your funny bone.)

crazy thing - a lot of mornings I do feel pretty awful. blue, overworked, overwhelmed, you could even call it oppressed I guess.

but he's so fucking happy pretty much all the time - it's hard to sustain a really strong bad mood. he helps me stay in the moment and optimistic. which I really didn't know how to be before.
Babies are incredible like that, in a grounding/centering way.

I was never happier or more in the moment than when I was helping raise my nieces when they were 1 and 2 years old.
and the crazy thing is, Lisa - he doesn't even know me. he doesn't know my credit score, doesn't know I didn't finish college, doesn't know I don't drive, doesn't know I'm fearful and dimwitted and

oh crap, nap is over. thanks to jerk with weedtrimmer...damn.
SQUEEZE that Wolfie, wanna WANNA!
kim - feel free. he's most squeeeeeeeze-able.
Beautiful and precious. :)
Eeeee! Excuse me, having a want-to-squeeze moment.

Also I like your glasses, they're cute.
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