Sunday, August 10, 2008

now, the only thing I know about South Ossetia is that I once read about it in a book titled "Ten Places To Never Go", or something. the author thought it was too violent and dangerous. that was back in 2005, I think.

so I don't know anything about what's going on in Russia right now. but Natalia does. go get educated!

thanks for the love.
I hate to say I'm uninformed about world politics.. but yeah, sadly so. All I know about the Russia-Georgia thing is that this one province wanted out and to be part of Russia, didn't happen and they got cranky. Then Georgia and Russia both got cranky, and being the 7000-lb gorilla Russia made a power-grab. Then France (as is their wont) and the EU shoved their noses into the discussion, and from there you get eggroll. Or tanks. And bombs. And lots of rhetoric. And Russian bullshit about "hey we agreed to a cease fire" as 6000 Russian tanks rumble further into Georgia. And also and most unfortunately... a lot of dead people and destroyed villages and cities.

Guess its a Eastern-Europe slash Western-Asia thing. I mean, I can't imagine the U.S. sending tanks into Alberta for instance. For what? They raise the price of Molson by a dollar a bottle? Or they'd try to grab a county in Montana for their own (take it, hell while you're there, take all of Montana - there's no tax base there and the winters suck).

Also have wondered aloud why Russia would attack Georgia. Couldn't they just attack Pennsylvania instead, punt the Phillies for me and let my NY Mets win the division for once?

In all seriousness though, this Georgia situation is atrocious
but honestly, what are we to do
about it other than make stern
press releases and perhaps issue
a (gasp) "sharp rebuke" to Russia? Seems we have our own atrocious situation about 1200 miles to the south-southeast, plus a lame duck president, plus an election coming up, plus our economy is one good sized terrorist attack or Katrina-like event from completely collapsing.

Guess the answer for now the sharp rebuke ("Shame on you Russia, shame on you"). Think the answer would be different if we weren't STILL up to our eyeballs in Iraq?

Well, had to comment as usual.

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