Sunday, May 18, 2008

hello -

2 questions:

how do you put a paypal button on your blog using a library computer? (why am I using a library computer?...well, if my home internet wasn't cut off, I wouldn't need a paypal button, now would I?)

how do you replace a photo ID without another photo ID or credit card or social security card?

You're going to need to get a social sec. card before the photo ID, there isn't a way around that, I tried last year when I lost everything, and the only way I got it back was I cried in front of a notary republic, she felt bad and stamped my 'this person is telling the truth' form to replace my birth certificate when I didn't actually have any ID but bills and discharge papers.

S.S card was a pain in the ass, they had me running in circles. Birth certificate, hospital record or discharge papers they'll take, you'll need two forms of ID to get the card, if memory serves. And if you choose a hospital record you'll need to have the hospital papers signed (or at least, the soc sec. office made me hunt down someone to sign 'em) but they also gave me directions and what to tell the receptionist, and ~then~ the papers can be used by the S.S. office to get a replacement card.
Well, maybe you can get a replacement if you look particularly pitiful at the ID place and bring in bills and birth certificate? I didn't think they took credit cards for ID, though. Depending on who you get it might work, rather a long shot but it couldn't hurt to try.
Are you saying that the library computer won't let you see the code that paypal generates for the button? You could always just leave the email address that is attached to the paypal account and let people log into paypal themselves to send a donation. I'd do it this way though, antiprincess AT myemail DOT com so that robospammers don't get the address and start sending you cialis emails.

For the ID:
Hmmm it's not a clickable link, so we'll try it this way:
Link to CT DMV website
thanks for the advice, aw and donna!

(btw, how are you liking Connecticut, donna?)

it looks like the DMV will accept a birth certificate and a marriage license, both of which I can get my hands on. seems like a good place to start.

still working on the paypal thing.
I'm in New Hampshire now, this was the closest transfer my husband could get, but oh well, it's not that far. We will be coming down to CT this weekend to visit, my nephew is having surgery on his hand on friday (in Meriden). The knucklehead punched a wall and broke it and they couldn't set the bones right. I think he will learn not to punch walls from now on!
yeesh! poor nephew!

they're making a lot of progress in hand surgery lately, though. I hope he pulls through okay.
Oh geez you don't know the half of it with that boy. He signed up for the Army and is supposed to be inducted after he graduates, only now we aren't sure if he will since his grades are seriously slipping and this hand thing too, will it be healed in time for him to go through basic? He really is a knucklehead, but we all love him sooooo much anyway. Oh when he signed up for the Army he isn't going into the infantry or anything like that, they will be training him for computer programming of some sort. So that's a relief, he may be involved in Afghanistan or Iraq but it will be in a support position, and most likely not stationed in either country either.
hey :) found you via another feminist blog - i'm also in CT (New Haven-ish area) Just wanted to say hello!
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