Thursday, April 17, 2008

wow, man. I take five minutes to jump in the shower, clean two months of yellow goo offa me, clear my head of the new-mom fog, open my eyes to the world around me, and this is what I see:

So, I seems I might be uninvited to the forum at William and Mary. Why? Because apparently, Sam Berg, who has been booked as a panelist longer than I and is traveling further than I, is uncomfortable with me being there. Apparently, once upon a time I said I wanted to push her in front of a truck.

Sam, let me say this plain: You are a big old baby.


you think you're right? you think your position is defensible? you believe in what you're doing? be brave, sister! the William and Mary debate is the perfect time and place to emerge victorious over the dirty dirty sexpoxes. and yet you lose your nerve, right at your golden moment.

Ren doesn't make you uncomfortable. the prospect of getting your ass handed to you makes you uncomfortable.

which, you know, is human. lots of people make me feel like a failure. I get that. but if you have any love for your movement at all, you'll take the podium and give it your best shot.

now, back to the Littlest Patriarch. see you in another month or so, probably.

That's my argument about her position. If she's RIGHT, then she's RIGHT and has nothing to be nervous about.
Oh, and welcome to the Land of the Washed. I hope motherhood isn't kicking your arse too hard.
I mean, if she has The Truth on her side, what's she afraid of?
motherhood doesn't suck, but it's hard to find time for myself in between Wolfgang's Porn Appreciation 101 classes and private oppression lessons and Male-Chauvinist-Immersion Preschool...I hardly have time to pee anymore...
you'd think, octo, but no.
damn camera. and he did the cutest little thing at Patriarchy School the other day...

seriously? I can't figure out the stupid camera and it's really frustrating. he's gonna be in college before I manage to get one picture.
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