Thursday, February 21, 2008

woah. ok. now what?

soooooo, Wolfgang A. H. Parsons was born at 10:56 pm on February 19, 2008, after about 18 hours of labor. at birth he was 8 pounds, one ounce, and 20 inches long, with a head full of hair.

we're home now, and kinda tired...more later as we adjust!

Thanks all for your good wishes, words of encouragement, and gestures of goodwill.

we loves y'all!

Heidi, Fred and Wolfgang

pictures to follow, someday.

OMG congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Delurking to say congrats! Welcome to the world, Wolfgang. :)

Yay! congrats!!
Congratulations! It sounds like you've got a very healthy kid on your hands. Good luck!
Awesome! Best wishes to the life of Wolfgang!
So glad you and the littlest patriarch are doing well. Way to go, chica!
Wow! Well done!

Hiya, Wolfgang - your chattels await ;-)

Seriously, I'm glad everyone involved is healthy and doing well.
"woah. ok. now what"

*snort* the Real Fun begins!
This is the best part, learning his personality, him learning yours, figuring out what works best (sometimes it's what the book sez, and sometimes it ain't), adapting your life to revolve around someone 1/20 your size and completely helpless. It's really alot more fun than it sounds, those maternal hormones help ALOT.
For now, sleep when the baby sleeps. The only thing that really matters is that you get as much rest as you can, and that he gets fed whenever he's hungry and his bum stays dry. Talk to him always. Look him in the eyes when you do it. The first time he smiles will erase every frustration you've ever had in you WHOLE LIFE. And no, that first smile ISN'T gas. I don't care what they say.

COngratulations, you three! Let me know how I can help!
Hey!! Congratulations and my best wishes! To all three of you!

welcome, petit patriarch!
A hearty welcome to His Miniature Majesty!

Very glad to hear you're doing well too!

Congrats to you and Fred!

Welcome to Earth, Wolfgang. Some of us are better than it seems.
Welcome, Wolfgang!

Now you get the joy of watching him try on different facial expressions as he sleeps (my favorite thing about newborns!)

If you need anything, call me!
Congratulations, love.

And welcome to the world, Baby Wolfgang.
When you're up to it, I want all the details!
sharOnb - I have to say, his range of facial expressions are most entertaining.

most of the time he looks like Vladimir Putin, except when he resembles Winston Churchill.

thanks all for the warm wishes!
"woah. ok. now what?"

Sweet Daddio says "18 years from now you'll still be asking that question."

Congrats, antip!
Major congrats, AP.

Try not to be too much of a patriarch, Wolfie.

I think all babies look like Winston Churchill, a little.
when he yawns he looks like the Bat-Boy from the Weekly World News.

yeah, just dreeeeeeeeamy... ;)
Congratulations! My son was just born Feb 21, so looks like they'll be starting their oppressive ways at about the same time...
Don't believe Rootie. The best part is in 5 weeks, or so. This is the part where you sleep a whole 2 hours at a time, and cry for no reason, and hobble around. ;)

congrats yourself, dbb! how is everyone at your house?
Much congratulations and love to you, AntiP--can't wait to see photos of the tiny new one. :)
Thanks ap! Everyone is well (but dead tired, as I'm sure you are). My 2 1/2 year old daughter seems to really like him!
Wolfgang AH? What happened to Wolfgang Nigel Patriarchy? ;_;

(congrats, go AP!)
What happened to Wolfgang Nigel Patriarchy?

oh, that would have been pretentious... ;)
Congrats, AP, on your good-sized healthy and I'm sure gorgeous little one. I'll join the other requests for photos!
i'm late to the party, but congrats!
Hey there,

Mabrook! Congratulations on the wolfgang child! Interesting place you've got here--Look forward to reading your stories of a growing Vladimir-Churchill-Batboy-Patriarchy
the ff
Well now, that at least partially answers the question I just asked (check yer myspace). Welcome Wolfgang! Congrats, mama!
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