Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This morning I woke up and turned on the news.

The first story was that Heath Ledger died. How sad. I'm sure the monde du cinema will never be the same. (seriously.)

The second story was something something meyow meyow meyow Britney Spears blah blah meyow.

The third story was a shortish piece about a psychological condition known as "drunkorexia", wherein young women allegedly go without food for a coupla three days between partying, accomplishing both dramatic weight control and a dangerously hellacious buzz. I guess.

I watched the news for 45 minutes before waddling off to the bus stop. There was not one mention of this intriguing bit of trivia:

Tens of thousands flee Gaza for Egypt

from the Yahoo story -

RAFAH, Gaza Strip - Tens of thousands of Palestinians poured from the Gaza Strip into Egypt Wednesday after masked gunmen with explosives destroyed most of the seven-mile barrier dividing the border town of Rafah.

they blew up a seven-mile-long wall. and we hear nothing, unless we're lucky/privileged enough to be online.

I'm not prepared to discuss the Situation In That Part Of The World. I'm just not. It's a big blogosphere, there's lots of places to discuss it to y'all's heart's content. Feel free - somewhere else. Don't make me mod comments for the first time ever, folks.

I'm saying - I just think it's sad that getting real news is a privilege.

this kind of thing really damages my optimism...

An entire unit of a course I teach is devoted to teaching students to look up alternative media sources when researching any topic or even just learning about the world. We watch a little Chomsky, read some Naomi Klein. It's really nuts how little real news people get from major news sources. The world news section of my local paper is one page max. WTF?
Hi Sage! it's good to see you!

I don't know - maybe noticing what happens when walls are put up (i.e., eventually they come tumbling down, with varying results) isn't really "news" compared to other stuff.

maybe because it's really far away?

maybe our idea of "real news" is somehow in error. (/sarcasm)
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