Thursday, December 06, 2007

more fun-n-games courtesy the fine folks at A View From A Broad:

said Ginmar:

Mrs. Bates is not a feminist. She's an anti-feminist. She's named her blog something that parodies Twisty, so basically, she's a fucking wannabe who can't accomplish anything unless she's bashing radfems. That's all she's got.

That kid is going to be a rapist by high school. She hates other women that much, that viciously. That whole crew is like the biggest gift the MRA movement ever got.

(Mrs. Bates = me, in case you're not paying attention.)

now, see, if she's so worried about Wolfgang's dick already, maybe she ought to be calling the police NOW, and save us all the trouble fourteen years from now. Think of the women she'd be saving from his poison gaze and rapacious libido, if he spends his entire life under the watchful gaze of prison guards, who will of course do everything in their power to make extra sure he doesn't grow up to be a rapist! God, Ginmar, I thought you were pro-woman. Won't you think of the women? pleeeeeeeeease?

Alternately, if she has any strong opinions on how NOT to raise a rapist, I'd wish she'd share them.

seriously - I also wish we could talk TO each other, rather than have to engage in this mutual-bathroom-wall-scrawling we're doing here. But I know good and well that without resorting to anon-commenting on her LJ, which would be a temporary (and kind of sneaky) measure at best, there's no way she'll allow me to speak to her directly. which I find sad.

On the other flipper, Crankycrone_101 said something intriguing, to wit:

If she had a girl, then she would have to start examining her *brand* of feminism. Things like, wall-to-wall porn in every home and shop, not exactly a good idea. The sexualisation of teen and pre-teen girls, objectification of wimmin, also, not a good idea. Fear of rape or child molestation, a genuine concern.

The list goes on...

Gotta give the devil his due, this is quite an intriguing proposition.

well, okay! let's examine!

I mean, would I treat a girl differently than I treat a boy? How would I cope with the obviously harmful sexism in media? How would I cope with any sexual pressure she might feel as a youngish child/teenager?

mind you, fear of rape or child molestation is a genuine concern, but I believe is pretty much the same concern whether one's child is male or female. So I don't see where I'd have to do a different examination for a girl than for a boy.

Also, how a healthy girl CHILD conducts her affairs seems to me to be vastly different than how a healthy girl ADULT conducts her affairs. How I as a grownup see the world might not necessarily be appropriate for a ten-year-old, for lots of reasons.

Maybe the way I'd treat a girl would turn her into some kind of predatory could happen, I suppose.

I'd like to tell her that nobody owns her body, not even her parents.

I'd like to tell her that the television lies, that pictures in magazines are fraudulent, that no means no, that it's okay to be who you are and feel how you feel and want what you want and not worry about what boys (or other girls) might think. I'd like to tell her that The Patriarchy is bullshit and nobody has authority over another person based on chromosomes alone. (which I'd also tell a boy.) I'd like to make her aware of the divine spark of life present in all humanity. I'd like to let her know her parents love her no matter what, even if she grows up to be a stripper or a prostitute or a lawyer or a stockbroker. yes, even a stockbroker.

so, that's all the examination I got for now. but Crankycrone_101 sure does have me thinking. what about y'all?

If I thought Crankycrone was actually thinking, I might ponder that.

They're being low and getting sadistic jollies at your expense. How lovely.
hey, it's her hot bloggy. she can do what she wants.

if it makes her and her pals look exactly like those she claims to stand against, what's it to me?

She's named her blog something that parodies Twisty, so basically, she's a fucking wannabe who can't accomplish anything unless she's bashing radfems. That's all she's got.

this might be true, however. I'll have to examine it some more.

It may be that I spend my time bashing people who call themselves "radfems" who really are not.

in the meantime, until I make a decision, guess I'll polish up my bashing brick. it's been a while...
and I do think CC101 is genuinely thinking. at least, for the sake of argument I'll assume that to be the case.

don't know what possessed her to actually ask a relevant question when it must have been SOOOOOOOOOOOO tempting to just follow the prevailing winds and take another cheap shot, but I'll take it where I can get it.
Things like, wall-to-wall porn in every home and shop, not exactly a good idea.

yeesh - did I ever advocate for wall to wall porn in every home and shop?

all four walls, from floor to ceiling, in every building, from sea to shining sea, around the world and beyond? mud huts and skyscrapers and starter homes and chic condominiums and McMansions and tropical stilt homes and my own humble dilapidated duplex and hospitals and supermarkets and snooty yarn shops and the Halls of Congress and the Bundesrat and schools and libraries and...

that was me who said that?

well, libraries are kind of wall-to-wall least I thought so when I was ten or eleven. the whole place was just stuffed to the air vents with "good parts", I thought...

I think what I said was that sexual expression was important, or words to that effect.

but I think that slipcovering the world in gash shots might be a bad idea, yeah. for one thing, the ubiquity of sexual imagery might diminish the power we invest it with. consider the female ankle - when nobody saw an ankle, a glimpse of one was considered the height of depravity. now we sling our naked ankles around willy-nilly, with no concern for how dirtydirtydirty they are.

another reason why not to wallpaper the world with dirty pictures - the environmental impact would be heinous.

I'm sure there are lots of other reasons why I ought not advocate for wall-to-wall porn...if EVER I EVEN DID...
hell, not even I advocate wall to wall porn.
Well, I've said before that I'm not too hot on your blog name.

Other than that, you're talking about the people that think there should be a Male "Neonate" Final Solution, enable people with the belief in parthenogenesis, embrace those that put forth the the notion that some women are too feminist to birth males, and support the wish to post-natally abort their sons over porn, etc., meaning that it's quite possible that their opinion on you and your son come from a deep, wide ocean of mind-fuckery and general insanity, and hence, don't deserve this sort of attention.

But, what do I know? I'm just a vicious, woman-hating gift to the MRA, likely raising a rapist, too, do to my unending love of porn and child molestation. Take my opinion with a grain of salt.

well, what do you think, Veronica?

time for a name change?

maybe we should examine that choice.

wonder if "Bates Motel" is available.
Then they'd really have it out for you, seeing as Norman Bates was a cross-dressing woman-killer. And, real feminists don't support cross-dressing, er, FEMALE BLACKFACE THAT REINFORCES THE FALSE GENDER DICHOTOMY! Or, ya know, killing the ladeeez. That's bad, too.
She hates other women that much, that viciously.

what evidence can be shown to support that?

see, this is why I wish folks from the Loyal Opposition would comment. I think I've copped to fear of women, especially in groups, and also to deep personal malevolence and ill-will for a couplathree individual women, and also to an occasional general low-grade misandry when individual women or groups of women do things that are incomprehensible - but vicious hatred?

it would be good if someone would bring to my attention the place where I said, or seemed to say, or said-between-the-lines, that I hate women viciously. that way I can say "oh, well, guess you're right then," and disappear in a puff of logic, or alternately say "oh, hey, what I meant was..." or whatever is appropriate.
"but vicious hatred?"

Um. Coming from Ginmar that's just pure projection.
AP: I hate women too apparently, and suck up to MRA's.
Oh, LJ Gawds! Now that they've spoken the words, could this one come true?! 'Cause, ya know... that's a match made in heaven.
we can only hope.

I found this comment on that thread intriguing, in light of recent events:

2007-12-05 03:45 am UTC (link)
All right, guys? Knock it off. Try and be somewhat polite. I'm a feminist and I don't like disrespectful terms for women, period. She didn't get pregnant on her own.

I like the name of your blog, which you know, like many parodies, has it's own meaning.

The Beatles were named after Buddy Holly's CRICKETS, and was an inside joke, but how many people (rock music geeks aside) even remember that now?

After your blog eclipses Twisty's in popularity and becomes a must-read for everyone, they will soon forget the blog name's origin. Only blog fangeeks will remember such minutiae. They will take the name at face value, like Beatles. :)
Daisy - you're funny.

you know, in a lot of ways, Twisty's the creme de la creme of the feminist blogosphere, or used to be, before she went a bit silent here lately.

She's got turn of phrase. it's a gift I admire/envy, and I've never tried to hide that.

I loved her blog, before I let it eat me.

I'm assuming she's not crying into her Lone Star Beer over the name of my blog. I don't really register on her radar, I don't think.
I'm a feminist and I don't like disrespectful terms for women, period.


You know, everyone compartmentalizes, I realize; but this one, she must have like steel reinforced -vaults.-

and yeah, AP, you're just so filled with hate for the wimnz, it boils right out of you :eyeroll:

at least I'm not worried about you withholding milk from the lad on account of his mini patriarchal tool; or screaming and threatening to retroactively abort on account of he keeps lookin' at porn; or, I don't know, having explosive rage issues and a big ol' external locus of control?

seriously, -ginmar- of all people accusing -you- of all people of being potentially abusive, well...

just another bulletin from the BizarroVerse/MiniTruth/whatever the fuck that is, I guess.
ginmar, you know, as with byrdeye or any number of MRA's, all I can keep thinking is that line from "Chuck and Buck:"

"You have a problem with women. And you have a problem with men."

Ginmar seems to be under the impression that more problem with men=more love for women. Which,
She hates other women that much, that viciously.

Honestly, after this, I'd say there's no point in listening further.

Anyone who claims antiprincess "hates womyn" is welcome to TRY to explain that one to my face- provided I can stop laughing long enough to hear what they're saying.

Oh, please.

Let's just say they clearly do not have their facts 'straight'.

These people so clearly do not know what they're talking about, they're not worth giving the time of day.

As for the blog name, dear, we've ALWAYS been equal opportunity offenders; telling BOTH the racist hetero-patriarchy and the racist homo-matriarchy where they can shove it.

Maybe it's just me, but I like the name. Knowing you, as I do, it fits in many ways. (But of course, I've apparently always had a thing for people willing to use parody/a sense of humour where it's called for- and for good or ill, look at where it's gotten me.)

Your millage may vary.
and also to an occasional general low-grade misandry

excuse me - I meant "misogyny". wasn't paying attention when I wrote that comment.

but by saying that, I don't mean to imply that I hate all women all the time with the fire of a thousand suns. I mean to say that sometimes I get frustrated and confused to the point where I want to say "Oh that's enough! I give up!"
As for the blog name, dear, we've ALWAYS been equal opportunity offenders; telling BOTH the racist hetero-patriarchy and the racist homo-matriarchy where they can shove it.

ah, the good old days.
Just wanted to say, in case you didn't know.... I just love you, AntiP! :) You've weathered all of this unwarranted criticism/berserk shit extremely well.
I just love you too, auntie Daisy!

(but don't let that stop you from speaking up when I'm in naked-emperor mode.)
Soo...when are we going to open the Porn wallpaper emporium?
eat your heart out, William Morris!
Oh please. My LJ name is also a dig on anti-SM feminism but I never see anyone commenting on how I want to be Bartky...
it's not a bad wordplay, Trin.
Hey, antip. I read this earlier, and just WOW! I'm not sure how one person could spew that much vitriol and not see that it's all designed to make you feel less-than-human. Just unbelievable. I know you're going to be a great mom. And congrats!
hey, jack! been a while! how ya doin'?

I'm not a human. I'm a "sexpox", I think the logic goes. I should expect no quarter.

I could be wrong, but I think that's how it goes.
I'm late to the party, but had to add that Buddhist temples had wall-to-wall porn on the outside as a reminder to leave all that sex stuff on the outside when you enter. So, spiritually, you could argue for wall-to-wall porn in all but one room. When in doubt aesthetically, however, I also ask myself: what would the queer eye for the straight guy fellas do?
Sage! JG!!
hey sage! good to see you!
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