Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm wondering if I shouldn't post some sort of "comments policy" or something, or at least explain my thoughts behind how I run things here.

I don't delete comments, as a rule. not from anyone.

and I'll talk to anybody who shows up. women, men, IRL friends, family, sworn enemies of my best internet pals, conservative republicans, radical feminists, anonymous troublemakers - I try my best to answer every comment, in good faith and with a civil tongue, and as far as I know, I have yet to delete anyone's comment just because I disagree with it or dislike the commenter.

sometimes I fail, yeah. sometimes I don't get a chance to answer every comment. and sometimes my faith is less than good and my tongue less than civil. usually when that's brought to my attention I try to make it right.

and now that I think about it, there was one occasion, back in the mists of time, where I did remove someone's comments from a thread. but I don't make a habit of it, and certainly that commenter is welcome to participate again if s/he likes.

And I know that some folks don't dig how I handle my comment threads. some people that I consider good close friends don't like it. but they seem to understand that's how it is here.

I'd say, if you really have a problem with what I'm saying or how I'm saying it, you are welcome to take advantage of my wide-open comments policy and talk to me about it.

if I say I'll let anyone comment, I mean ANYONE. if anonymous assholes can comment and be treated more-or-less humanely, why can't you? go for it!

"if I say I'll let anyone comment, I mean ANYONE."

And remarkably civil you are about it, too. I know! you let me comment!
yes, rootie, even monsters like you.


how's the hip?
oh! did you already go in for the hip?
generally I delete comments that look to me like plain ol' trolling (and spam, because I took wv off). or if it's from someone i'm positive i don't want to come back. I haven't done it more than a handful of times, out of thousands and thousands and thousands of comments.
I don't think I've ever had an actual "nothing to say" troll. I think most folks have something to say worth listening to, or at least they themselves think so. and I have no trouble letting them say it here, if they feel the need.
I might have less patience than you, on that.

well, the MRA or troll or whoever who left something like FUCK YOU DYKE FEMINAZI HAG or whatever it was; really didn't feel the need to continue the conversation or let well-meaning commenters derail by responding to the troll, so, buh bye. f'r instance.

that's really why I delete comments like that tbh; not so much because of the comments themselves but I know -someone's- gonna take the bait even if I don't. If I feel like playing whack-a-troll, then fine, I leave it. If I really don't, though, and there was an interesting discussion going on that i'd really prefer to not get bogged down in "yeah? well FUCK YOU TOO SHETBAG," the easiest thing is to just delete them.

also generally the best way of ensuring they don't come back for a return visit. It's not very entertaining to troll a blog when your precious comments not only aren't responded to but don't even show up.
I go for the hip on Oct 1. Right now it's fine. Doing nothing at all helps.

I manage to avoid unpleasant comments by saying nothing controversial. I am the Inoffensive Shortcake Cookie of the Interwebs. Maybe one day I'll say something offensive just to see what happens.
I am pretty much the same as you. But if they start calling names while staying anonymous, I'll print 3/4 of their IP address, and whatever else is on my sitemeter. I don't have to take that shit from anybody.

Otherwise, I agree. I haven't removed any comments yet. But I would certainly delete abusive MRA troll shit, or crap like that.
this is an example of a thread where I deleted a couple of comments. you can see the reasoning in the context, I theenk (two different cases).
"also generally the best way of ensuring they don't come back for a return visit. It's not very entertaining to troll a blog when your precious comments not only aren't responded to but don't even show up."

I was travelling around and found myself here. Curious about your blog title and its striking resemblance to another blog. So, I came to visit.

I check all comments. Some parts of me are stronger than others. Some parts read comments and whatever is said rolls off. Other parts agonize, feel harmed, feel scared, feel angry, want to try and reason with whoever comes.

It takes me time to deal with feelings that come up when I see comments from trolls, who are the only comments I have to worry about these days.

I have two of them. They're just wonderful. I find the imagery disgusting and completely offensive...and I'm pretty open about most things.

They even went so far as to use the blogland nickname I use for my daughter as the name for their comments a while back...I think they switched it back eventually when I still refused to engage.

Their comments I never publish.

They email me every now and then to ask why I haven't published their last comments. I ignore them. They have my link in their sidebar. Somehow I don't feel loved.
AP: You know how I feel about free fire zone comments. Hell, I allow it too. I consider it educational.

But my 2 cents? I think yer fuckin' awesome. free speech after all is kinda a thing for me.
hi, dark daughta! thanks for your comment.

hijack: congrats on the new baby (as mentioned in your profile)! when are you due?

They email me every now and then to ask why I haven't published their last comments.

that's weird. why go to such great lengths to pester you?
aw, thanks, Ren.

I know that IRL/politically speaking, the whole "free speech" thing doesn't really pan out the way it should. but I'm a little proud to say that on my dumb little obscure backwater blog, any commenter can say whatever's on their mind. it's not much, it's not going to change the world, but it's what I've got.
"my dumb little obscure backwater blog,"

Not dumb, and not as backwater as you think!

"any commenter can say whatever's on their mind. "

Margarine is a culinary travesty.
it certainly is. my parents still eat it, the low-fat cholesterol kind. also diet soda, which is another cultural travesty. (ideally i'd like to sometime kick the Coke habit altogether, but I really can't stand the fake sweetened crap. the stuff with real sugar cane is best; HFCS is nasty too).
Ghee is better than whole-butter or margarine.
it's a pain in the ass to make, though, no?
Belle, I buy it at the health food store. I have no idea how you make it! ((embarrassed))
I think you clarify it and skim the white crud that rises to the top, like, a billion zillion squillion times, till it's entirely free of milk fats.
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