Saturday, August 04, 2007

what would you put on a CD to take with you into the delivery room the day you have your baby?

here, I'll start:

Embryonic Journey, Jefferson Airplane
Fathers and Sons, Cat Stevens
Sleepwalk, Santo & Johnny
Isn't She Lovely, Stevie Wonder

or whatever you choose - what do you think would be cool?

Sweet Child of Mine?
Rock-n-Roll Children?

"I Wanna Be Sedated?"

no, I'm sorry, projecting.

"Navy Bean," Tracy Bonham?

"Thumbelina," Pretenders
you might also want to check out dru blood
whoops, that was supposed to go under the "unschooling," etc. thread.
"I Wanna Be Sedated?"

no, I'm sorry, projecting.

"Beat on the Brat"? (I'm a mean mommy already...)
Anything by Claude Debussey
Grofe's Grand Canyon Suite
Pat Metheny's The Way Up
Some Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra.
Thus Spake Zarathustra, but only the bit after the beginning where the hominids flap their arms and hit each other with clubs.
Anything that's not Enya or Songs of the Whales?
and no Raffi.
Comfortably Numb? (snicker)
but NOT Cat's in the Cradle (puke)
"helplessly hoping?"

the chorus is apt -

"they are one person/they are two alone/they are three together/they are for each other."
Takin' Care of Business?

A Hard Days night?

Twist and Shout?

Twist of Fate by Bob Dylan?

For Mom by Bucket head?(listening to Bucket head would be interesting)


One thing leads to another?

Boy named Sue?

I know...Simple Pleasures? ;)
lady madonna
I'm no good at being punny, so I'll just tell you what I actually brought - Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Not that I actually got around to listening to it.
I listened to Brian Eno's "Apollo" while in labor. When ever I put that CD on now, it a major trip down memory lane.
I'm no good at being punny, so I'll just tell you what I actually brought - Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Not that I actually got around to listening to it.

that sounds like a great choice.

how did it happen that you weren't able to listen to it?

do they recommend soothing or energizing music? or is it all personal preference? do you have to respect the doctor's preference?

"oh, no - I'm sorry, no Sex Pistols in my delivery room. find another obstetrician, lady!"
Speaking of the Ramones, We're a happy family" :) (j/k)

God Bless the Child by Billie Holliday (avoid bombastic Blood, Sweat and Tears version, will aggravate nausea!)

If you know the baby will be a girl, Kimberly by Patti Smith... this was about the baby she gave up for adoption, but is nonetheless a strong and triumphant song. Similarly, Joni Mitchell's Little Green is about the baby SHE gave up for adoption, but is mournful and sad. :(

Show me by the Pretenders, about Natalie, Chrissie's baby with Ray Davies.

MUST INCLUDE Kooks by David Bowie! (ohhhh, how I love it!)
lol @ "i wanna be sedated"

don't laugh but for me, when i'm about to do something, i put Dolly Parton's "Travellin Thru" from the transamerica soundtrack...

hmm come to think about it, "travellin thru" that could be very appropriate for a pregnancy as well
I'm not exactly sure - we brought a whole bunch of stuff that we never got around to using. I was induced, so I think it went so quickly that there was a bunch of stuff we didn't get to. We were also planning a game of trivial pursuit for the early stages.

But I'm the type that would rather have stuff I didn't need than want stuff I didn't have, so I say pack everything but the kitchen sink and bring it with you.
I know what you should bring AP!
Steeyele Span!
I wouldn't want to piss off the doctor. Maddy Prior (god love her) is sometimes a little hard on the ears, to the uninitiated.
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