Tuesday, August 28, 2007

God, I wish all sex pozzes would die under a truck for the way they've treated feminists, choking on their own blood.

Now let's see, shall we, what becomes of this experiment? It will be fun, won't it?

Ladies and Gentlemen - Ginmar.

I don't know what kind of reaction she was expecting, really. I mean, it's hard to say whether the experiment was successful (or even fun) because we don't know her hypothesis. But I read that post, and the (rather short) comments thread it spawned, and I'm put in mind of the immortal words, slightly paraphrased, of that great philosopher, Eric Cartman:

"It's my hot bloggy, Ah'll do what Ah want!"

yes, honey. yes it is. and yes you can. all day long. you can even rigorously screen out comments from people who disagree with your behavior, to make it seem like the whole world just loves what you're doing with your hot bloggy. because it's yours, and you can do what you want.

even if it makes you look silly.

it's your hot bloggy, after all, and you can do what you want.

oh, is that what she's on about these days? I'm just not sure we'll all -fit- under a truck. no points for originality, anyway: c'mon, g-m-r, what with the whole "embalmed vagina" business, I know you can come up with some terrific, vivid imagery all on your very own.
I think it was one of those "I'm going to use the most inflammatory language possible to get a reaction" type things. like a two year old screaming dirty words in the grocery store. or, you know, other folks who use the most inflammatory language possible to get a reaction.

but fwiw - I think the desire to push boundaries verbally comes from the same (or similar) source as the desire to push boundaries physically.
yeah, we know: Ren Said It First.

Months ago.

and apologized for it.

which, apologizing, or ever admitting they might have made any sort of mistake ever, is apparently against some peoples' religion or something.
you'd think if anyone would understand the nature of spontaneous ejaculations of temper (as opposed to the use of language specifically motivated by the desire to make a specific person uncomfortable) it would be her.

it's the difference between yelling "god damn it!" when you hit your thumb with a hammer and yelling "god damn it!" in a church on Sunday. same words, different intent.
Will someone just give her her sippy cup already? The constant temper tantrums are bothering the other patrons.
eh - it's a more-or-less-free country. and a more-or-less-free blogosphere.

it's just that I don't think she achieved her aim in this case.
Too late.

What the hell, though, I can hit the "delete" button as well as anyone else, should it come to that. and what with my cat's never having been really trained out of it, I'm well used to having strange little creatures randomly launching themselves at me and gnawing my ankles. my cat's a lot cuter, though.
I thought you were kidding, I didn't know she really said that...

As they say in the south: nerves. Ginmar has a case of bad nerves.

And I remember she's had bad nerves (and an accompanying case of BAD MANNERS) since the days of the Ms. boards, too, so it ain't nothing too recent. If you know what I mean.
"it's just that I don't think she achieved her aim in this case."

I'm pretty sure the aim was to look like an 8th grade clique leader, and really... mission accomplised. Bravo to her.
Respect Mah Authoritah!

The lolcat version of what she has said:
Man, Why am I reminded of the Rock?

"I'll make your monkey ass famous!"

And ZERO points for originality! I coulda come up with a fuckton more original curses, after all, that one wasn't even one of my best! In fact, I think the deceased comedian Sam Kenison said it first...or something very similar.

And with all the WHINING about her supposedly deleted comment (which is there, on the post, actually) she does and deletes then bans Rosa?

Cry me fucking river in the Sahara, hypocrite!

But of course, its a PLOT...against THEM...wordpress and akismet being on crack could have nothing to do with it...

Oh, wait...

Think Gin & Crew would believe Her?

"There is some issue with Akismet, that protects our blogs against spam, such that the spam in my spam queue has gone from 4-5,000 to zero and comments are not going through, not even mine! Unless I go through all sorts of songs and dances.

I’m sorry if you’ve commented and your comment just went away. Mine too! It’s being fixed now and should work soon.


Nevermind that not only I, but Lauren of Feministe more or less said the same fuckin' thing...

Ren- Slimy Manipulator
I left all that behind in 8th grade. It's sad when someone her age and relative intelligence just can't let go of that bone. Not sad, pathetic.
Honestly, I sort of think that she's more to be pitied than censured. She says crazy stuff, yes. Because she's crazy.

I mean, maybe that's a cop out and all, but it sure seems true.

Myca - I get what you're saying.

however, I don't think she's exhibiting symptoms of mental illness.

I just think she's really really
mad, and tends to be unreasonable and hostile to no purpose.

which is a shame, because she has a lot of interesting things to say.

which, I'd tell her myself if she'd let me.

but not in this universe, that's for sure.
yeah, she actually seems pretty damn lucid compared to where she was a year ago or so. I think she really did get some help, which, good for her.

unfortunately, she's still an asshole. i guess that predated the PTSD, you know...
To me, there's angry... and there's mentally ill... and the two really don't have a lot to do with one another.

And THEN, there's a separate, third thing...

I guess a lot of my contact with her comes from before she was booted from Alas, when she would come by and say things like "I don't care about children who are molested, if they're male."

Which seems like a big bucket of crazypants to me, but yeah . . . maybe she's just a jerk.

is there ever a way to use the word "crazy" that does not have a pejorative subtext?

it's a pet peeve, "crazy".
on the old vc we used to say "frootbat," but some people don't care for that either.

"drooling bucket o'assberet" comes closer, i suppose. something of that sort.

or one could just go with "emu."

she certainly is that.

"Cheer up, emu kid."
Hm. Yeah.

I think that part of the problem for me is that I'm looking for a word which mean "acting in an exaggeratedly irrational and emotionally explosive manner, which may or may not involve actual mental illness."

Like, I don't think she's absolutely mentally ill . . . but I also do not think that her reactions are the reactions of a mentally and emotionally stable person.

Maybe Emu is the answer, though. If for no other reason than because it's really fun to say.

OR! OR, maybe it's just that every single topic is a screaming and cursing hot button for her.

I mean, there are topics that could induce me to screaming and cursing . . . maybe it's just that for her, there are no topics that do not.
eh, i don't think it's nice to harsh on peoples mental states. I.E., Ren don't like it when folk call other folk crazy, even if they do have some issues...

But Ren don't like it when people consistantly use then as an excuse to be fuckheads either...

I hear what you're saying, and you're not wrong.

I guess for me, it's more that if she is acting the way she is because of mental instability, then it sort of implies a different reaction than if she is acting the way she is because she's an asshole.

That is, I'm not saying she's unstable as a way of discrediting her . . . I'm saying that I think she's unstable, and therefore maybe we should cut her some slack.

But yeah, perhaps her words should just be judged as-is. In which case: Dude. What a jerk.
She's not crazy. I'm crazy and I have the pharmacopaea to prove it. She's reactionary- reacting to everything and the time will come that no one will hear her anymore, the wommyn who cried wolf and all that. I think she's getting more strident out of fear that she will disappear.
in psych terms, one uses "personality disorder" as opposed to "something which is at least partly chemically induced, is not really under the person's control, is not their "real personality" either. "Personality disorder" is, I think, a nice, formal sounding way of saying "chronic asshole, however they got there, doesn't change because they don't WANT to change; they don't think anything's wrong with them, it's the rest of the world that has the problem."

In theory. In reality I'm not at all sure it's that cut and dried.

I do still think that "Chronic Asshole Disorder" ought to be added to the DSM, though.

if you want another fancypants term : "external locus of control." that's when you are positive that ALL of the problem lies OUTSIDE yourself, no matter how many people from how many different walks of life in how many totally different contexts are telling you, "Yo, you got a problem."

unfortunately politics tends to help enable such personalities, on account of politics is pertty much predicated on the theory that it's the System or The Powers That Be (i.e. Not Me) that need changing.
and of course there are a lot of -techniques- that can be construed as, well let's say "not mentally healthy;" we all make use of 'em, but some people resort to 'em more quickly and consistently. "Projection," say, i.e. "I know you are, but what am I?! I know you are, but what am I?!"
as for g-m-r: I do believe it's both. yes, she has some trauma-related tsuris. That might be why she decompensates or goes into foaming rage (again, she seems better about that lately) so quickly. otoh i don't think it explains why she can never ever ever EVER be wrong, about ANYTHING. that's...something else.
I think that part of the problem for me is that I'm looking for a word which mean "acting in an exaggeratedly irrational and emotionally explosive manner, which may or may not involve actual mental illness."

Again, I just say crazy.

Or, sometimes, BATSHIT.

(Full disclosure... yeah, I take meds for my mental health issues. And no, "crazy" does not offend me.)
AP: is the use of the word crazy making you go crazy lately?
I think that part of the problem for me is that I'm looking for a word which mean "acting in an exaggeratedly irrational and emotionally explosive manner, which may or may not involve actual mental illness."

I believe the mental health term for somebody losing control is "labile." Correct me if I'm wrong, though.
Rather than estimating her mental state, something none of us can really, do, I think it's more effective to examine her tactics.

She's a goader. She's out to push and push and push against someone until they get angry and push back. Then she can grab that *reaction* and claim it as her opponent's actual beliefs, ignoring any context AND refusing to listen to any apologies.

Which she has done with Ren. Ren can handle getting insulted personally. Her reaction came when Ren's friends got pushed around. It's a classic blackmail technique. It's not, "I'll shoot you if you don't do this." The effective method is "I'll shoot this person you love if you don't do this."

Ginmar's anger is valuable to her and her friends, because it's one method of getting to her own true feelings.

What she doesn't get is that many of us get to our own true feelings in other ways. And for us, anger results in a more "fight or flight" response. For me, once I'm angry, I'll say just about anything to end the situation, whether I believe it or not.

Oops, hit send too soon. First, ignore all those misplaced periods above.

From now until eternity, despite everything Ren does and says, the only words that matter are the words spoken in anger. They will be repeated again and again. All else gets will be ignored.

Tactically, we need to realize this and not fall for her tricks.

There are lots of good tactics. Humor is great. Pointing out how miserable it must be to live as a prisoner to your anger, is another.

Basically, anger becomes sacred and attention must be paid. But what if we don't pay attention? What if we point out how silly it is to let anger control your life?

The empress is trying to wear her anger as an invisible suit of armor. How bout we mention she has not clothes?

Or would that just bring out our latent lesbian tendencies? Heh.
well, here's one result: someone who doesn't seem to know of Ren's originating sentiment is still giving g-m0r an enthusiastic right on:


Ginmar fantasizes about these sex-positive "feminists" dying under a bus, choking on their own blood. Ha, me too! Some of these sex-pozzers are the poorest excuses for women's advocates I've ever seen. They certainly don't represent me and my wishes for myself or my mother or my children in a future world. Wolves in sheep's clothing, they are, because who cares if you have a vagina if you're a misogynist?

They hate women who have a greater capacity for incisive, abstract analysis because they so want the patriarchal cookie. They can't fathom a woman who doesn't kowtow to patriarchal pressures like they feel they must, especially with all the additional harassment from identifying as feminist, so it makes them feel intimidated that free women with a deeper critical perspective from a broader historical context can exist. Thus radfems must be strawradfems for them to be able to exist at all in Misogynist Feminist Lady Land (sex-pozzers' distorted hypocrisy and hate-mongering). Instead of buckling under feelings of personal inadequacy that result from reflecting upon their own conditioning, they reflexively, ego-defensively resort to unbelievable sexism themselves. I don't care how many times they post about reproductive rights, they don't get to say, "as long as I'm not A, B, or C, I'm not sexist." Many of their fundamental beliefs sell women out, but radfems are the ones at fault for holding that wretched mirror up to them--the one that makes them develop the itching, burning feeling of cognitive dissonance?

My computer wasn't working, and I'm sorry I missed this whole Ginmar/radfem-bashing ordeal. I came into feminism too late in life, and I found out unhappily that most feminists were not the answer I was looking for. It was worse than demoralizing, but hooray for ginmar for standing up to the crushing tide of woman-hatred from all possible fronts! More of us need to be vocal, on the net or otherwise, without the fear of having both women and men jump on our backs and down our throats and up our asses for likely being the only one in the room who disagrees merely because we have thought about it the most.

oh where to begin.
belle: i want to give her a cookie.
Oh please please please give me the Patriarchal Cookie!! It tastes sooooo good!
me too! tee hee! pink, natch.

and yes, i so envy these peoples' capacity for "incisive, abstract analysis." Well...abstract is right, anyway.

-goes off happily to knit a nice pink cock cozy for the construct that is Patriarchy, so he won't catch a chill.-
I'm just curious: who exactly does this woman think she's talking to/about? Certainly -not- strawpeople, but i admit that if i have had the pleasure of her prior acquaintance, i am not aware of it. You?
There's cookies? Nobody told me about the cookies?

Raven tramples over Ren, Amber and belle in her quest for cookies!
o right, i get it, she's actually talking to herself. well, it's not unusual, but seriously: she just wrote that one a week ago, you'd think the penny would drop...


18 August 2007 @ 04:14 pm
Fearing The F-word
I was born in the 80s, so maybe I was spoiled growing up feeling an inherent sense of self-worth by riding the coat tails of great women who came before me--not the least of whom were our own mothers, who needed lots of courage to bring girls into the world after being treated as garbage in their own lives.

If we should be so gracious for the hard work of women before us, why is "feminism" such a taboo word among girls?

The F-word, on the odd occasion it would actually crop up, made me cringe as this embarrassing relic that lame older folks would try to use as an attempt to connect themselves to me, to try to share some sort of low self-esteem kinship with them. Sense of self issues were salient, because the older I got, the more my personality evolved into that which I was more acutely aware of as something I should value. I knew I was just plain awesome and novel and creative and strove to be intellectually subversive in my obsessive pursuit of Truth, and I was always praised for being visible as uniquely talented at all those things; I was not an awesome girl, not good at philosophy and physics and relishing my lifelong competitive streak because I'm a girl who likes philosophy, a girl who questions academia and comes up with new ideas rather than parroting information back to people, not a girl who could cut through the BS and get to the heart of a logical fallacies purported by academic contentions, a girl who found physics easy, intuitive, and fascinating, a girl who likes to win and often does because she bothers to put herself out there and try. My self-aggrandizement was diminished by older, uninteresting women who tried to belittle my presence by making it about me being a girl a girl a girl when I was not accustomed to being reduced to my genitalia instead of my awesomeness; ironically, it's because younger women had the luxury of only first being reduced to their gender by a random older feminist woman that the F-word becomes a turn-off rather than merely uninteresting. "I know I'm amazing, so don't you keep calling me out as this supposedly inferior being just because you suck at everything!" I felt like these mythical feminist creatures, who reared their heads very infrequently, only spoke when they wanted to drag others down in the mud with them. It's an uncomfortable feeling, which leads to the archaic "feminist" label being introduced as an interpersonal generational assault, which is annoying at best, or plants a seed of resentment at worst.

Luckily (or perhaps unluckily), going to college and being in the working world for a year knocked that interpretation right out of me. How long will it take for the others to come around?
"Oh please please please give me the Patriarchal Cookie!! It tastes sooooo good!"

Please, PLEASE let it be shaped like a big dick and covered in pink, glittery sprinkles!
Please, PLEASE let it be shaped like a big dick and covered in pink, glittery sprinkles!

Dude that is SO TOTALLY GAY.
oh noez!! not that!! quick, to the Sublimationobile!
When I first saw that on g-m-r's blog, I thought, OK, somebody's playing a rather childish game of "turnabout is fair play".

The thing is, I never saw it as a big deal when Ren said it, nor do I give a fuck that's what g-m-r thinks. That mean things are said on both sides is inevitable.

What get's rather old is the whole, "anything bad you say about radfems is 'bullying'" – and implicitly, somehow deserving of retaliation. That g-m-r and Heart are so reality-challenged that angry rhetoric directed at them is somehow equivalent to threatened outing of people, DoS attacks, threats of lawsuits, and the like is what's truly fucked-up.

It seems like they're talking themselves into such a state that sooner or later, one of them is going to feel the need to escalate. Can't we just not get along?
heh, yeah.

well, ginm0r in particular seems to have this idea that anything remotely unflattering anyone says about her anywhere ever is a big ol' gauntlet and she must defend her Honor to the last keystroke. it must be a rough way to live; i mean on top of everything else. who has the energy?

plus the irony of y'know "how DARE you suggest I'm childishly acting out?! YOU should talk, look at all those people YOU hang out with, and confused litany of various slings and insults that various parties you might be vaguely acquainted with may or may not actually have slung at me over the past five years, what about that, HUH?! Christ on a crutch. I'm done with you. I'm DONE with you. Fuck your 'sorry,' you passive-aggressive coward! Fuck YOU!! Oh now THEM's fightin' words! You wanna go, huh huh, wanna go, wanna go?!" *spit, hop hop hop spittle spittle while half the people goad her further and the other half act as though this is all perfectly normal and understandable and what's everyone -else- getting so upset about?*

she sort of reminds me of Yosemite Sam, sometimes. or the Black Knight ("come back here! I'll bite your legs off!")

lately I'm starting to be reminded more of this.

at least it beats Heart and Beeb's Damsel Radicalism, I suppose. maybe. well...
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