Tuesday, August 14, 2007

and in other news:

Van Halen is touring?

except not with Michael Anthony on bass, but with Wolfgang Van Halen instead.

is this one of the seven signs?

note: for more delicious VH-related goodness (actually, a really cool post inspired at least tangentially by little old me) click here.

It could be one of the seven signs.

But all I have to say is, they better play "Top Jimmy" and "Dirty Movies"!
Dude, once I saw John. Fucking. Travolta. donning a fatsuit and drag to play in a REMAKE of "Hairspray" I already knew the apocalypse was SO nigh.
It may be 6 of the 7, all my itself. Travolta being the 7th.
I'd want to hear "Ice Cream Man". you know, before the end of the world and all.
well, it's at least notable for the fact that the tour features a famous Wolfgang who is not the composer. or the chef.

which makes me feel better about the idea of naming a baby Wolfgang.
I'm just happy to hear people talking about something --ANYTHING-- other than damn Brit boy wizards. Bring on the apocalypse. I'm packed and ready.
Dude, once I saw John. Fucking. Travolta. donning a fatsuit and drag to play in a REMAKE of "Hairspray" I already knew the apocalypse was SO nigh.

Guess what? I have an old theatre program from the touring production of GREASE, dated 1973 (which I saw) starring Marilu Henner in the Olivia Newton-John role. It lists the names of all the dancers--and there is the name of John Travolta in wee small print. :)

I was 15, so he was about 19. I saw John Travolta and I didn't even know it! This pre-dated WELCOME BACK KOTTER by about a year, I guess.

I only noticed it like 25 years later, when I almost threw the program out with a buncha other junk.

More confessions: I have always had a guilty crush on David Lee Roth. I loved the cover of their first record, where he is doing the splits in mid-air!
hope you kept that program, Daisy. betcha it's worth something.

the crazy thing about John Travolta is, I don't think he's a GREAT dancer.

he's not afraid to move, clearly, which does distinguish him from most men (DLR being a notable exception!), but when he dances, he still looks like a normal guy dancing, not especially transcendent or even especially talented.

which gives his work a sort of appealing "everyguy" quality, I suppose.

(is it worth it to note that Saturday Night Fever was actually about racism in a changing urban community, and not about dancing?)

I was completely out of the Van Halen loop (despite my conveniently being 16 in 1984) until I married a guitarist. I had NO IDEA that the folks who gave us (urgh) "Jump" also were responsible for "Top Jimmy", "Ice Cream Man", etc.

"can't you see me standing here, I got my back against the record machine..."

what does that even mean? "record machine" = jukebox? the RIAA? production companies? is there a deeper subtext hidden in David Lee Roth's crotch stuffing?
I was completely out of the Van Halen loop (despite my conveniently being 16 in 1984)

bear in mind I was listening to Cris Williamson (and related genre) at the time. almost exclusively. for what that's worth.
what does that even mean? "record machine" = jukebox?

Yes, record machine is jukebox; when I win the lottery and get rich, I start collecting exotic old jukeboxes! (My favorites are from what is known as the Silver Era) I lust for them, and also for old Buicks with fins! :)

Cris Williamson, ick. I tried, I really did. :P
Oh my. Doesn't DLR save lives now? I thought he was a paramedic in New York or something.

He will be sorely missed by the drunkards and addicts that met with an unfortunate accident. I'm sure the other drunkards and addicts will be happy to see him back on stage, though.

Wouldn't that be a serious trip, though? Imagine, you're dying, you're slipping in and out of consciousness and the dude that you see hovering over you is Diamond Dave.
and the nurses are all out of the "Just a Gigalo" video...
I think he got into the EMT biz for the excitement and sirens and stuff, not for any "noble" purpose. though I could be wrong.
probably, but he's licensed and employed here in NYC. The reason behind the fact he's saving lives is irrelevant. On his short-lived radio show though I do distinctly remember him saying he got a rush from being able to save someone's life, so it could be both!
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