Thursday, July 05, 2007

ok, so I see I've been tagged by no fewer than THREE folks for the Random 8 Meme.
apparently inquiring minds want to know...something.

so, what can I know it's amazing how hard I've had to think about this and still come up empty. I fear you will all be disappointed!

1) I went to the Smith College Community College Connections summer program a few years ago and dissected a sheep brain and learned samba and wrote really long papers on the cultural importance of Saturday Night Fever. it was awesome.

2) I don't drive. I've gotten close a couple times, but the fear always wins.

3) I used to work as a costumed interpreter at the 1840 House at the Baltimore City Life Museums. Best Job EVER.

4) I have terrible math anxiety.

5) I stayed back a year in high school. it was messed up and embarrassing.

6) I blame the Enclosure Acts.

7) I've voted for third party candidates in every election I've ever voted in.

8) I wish I was a better housekeeper.

yaaaaaaaawn. well, now folks might get off my back. tag, you're it!

Don't feel bad - three people (that I know of) have tagged me for this, and I've yet to do it.
right? I am so behind.

and I had a hard time with this one, coming up with eight things that are even remotely interesting.
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