Thursday, July 05, 2007

not for nothin' but it looks like my husband will be teaching guitar lessons at our local Music and Art Center.
this is huge. I'm really proud of him.

so if you know anyone in the area who is limping through "Stairway" and wants to take guitar lessons, send 'em our way. hammer-ons, pull-offs, that wheedlywheedlywheedly stuff, Smoke on the Water, Advanced Spandex - he's your guy. c'mon down!

it's cool because a) it's something he knows really well, rock guitar, and b) he is totally NOT a 9-5 tie guy and this is a good way for him to make some money and stay sane (more or less), and c) he will have a delightfully flexible schedule which will be great for when the baby comes in february.

so rock on, my husband. I am really proud of you and bragging to the whole blogosphere. (hope that doesn't jinx it...)

woot, good job mr. antip!
Baby? How exciting!

The job sounds marvelous! I'd go if I lived closer, as I have a lovely Fender who's mocking me on a daily basis.

Really? Baby? (trying to turn off the Southern Housewife gush)
heh. yeah. please, gush away.

we're kind of freaked out by it all.

we found out the day before his BIG INTERVIEW. he kept his shit together surprisingly well.

we told his grandmother over the holiday - she said "well, I'm not surprised...huh, looks like rain..."

I was a little hurt, until I remembered she'd had thirteen children of her own.

tell me about your instrument, rootie!
woo! Awesome!


wait, WAIT, WAIT.



...not to be all Patriarchal about the relative emphases, just, i'd had no idea that that was on your list o' goals or suchlike.

Just remember, when Carmella Soprano wanted Tony to come out of his coma, she played SMOKE ON THE WATER in his hospital room. :)

Coma-rousing songs! Good luck!
Awesome!! Congrats to the hubby!

And - whoa. A baby? Shows how much (or little, rather) I've been keeping up with my reading. Damn girl! Congrats to both of you!!
we were shocked - SHOCKED.

found out the day before the interview.

we were a little dizzy and off kilter and terrified for a while. but we cool now.
Congrats to Mr. AntiPrincess!

And AP, glad to see you're posting here and there. Does this mean, you will NOT stop blogging? (fingers crossed that you're here to stay!)
"will be great for when the baby comes in february."

WHOA! Missed that one!
WHOA!!! Really? OH BOY, wheeeee, congratulations!
Wanna here more and everything as time passes!
it is my plan to continue blogging if I can manage to stay (?) relevant and come up with original things to say.

yeah yeah, first time for everything... ;)

so Kim, when ya coming down with your guitar? you can make some noise in my living room any time.
Isn't it wonderful that you have 7 months or so to get used to the idea...They are life changing but in the best of ways. With your open heart and avid curiosity you'll make a terrific mother. And for advice...find one parenting book you like and stick with it. If you read what everyone throws at you it gets confusing and scary.

My Fender? A narrow-necked 6 string acoustic guitar given to me when I sighed one day and said "gee I wish I could play the guitar" Proof that I really should be more careful what I say around my husband. My son has a vintage Fender bass, sometimes we play together and make horrible 'music'.!
i love how you threw the baby thing in there all sly-like at the end.

it was a test of reading comprehension. ;)
My son has a vintage Fender bass, sometimes we play together and make horrible 'music'.

it's not horrible music - it's a joyful noise. it's covered in the bible. so please, carry on.
oh yah- it's joyful allright. Everyone who hears it laughs.
consider that many of those whom we consider "great" musical entertainers actually came to the attention of the world NOT due to any great virtuosity or technical brilliance but simply because they had something to say in a new way.

so please, rock on. you don't have to be "good". you have to be TRUE.
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