Sunday, June 03, 2007

I'm not dead!
(well, I got better...)

so hi. didja miss me? ;)

Funny thing - I don't have a permanent gig yet, my temp job pays a fraction of what I used to make, my commute is exponentially longer - I should be shaking myself apart with worry. but somehow I sleep a thousand times better these days. I mean, nights.

I suppose some of that can be attributed to the fact that I love the little temp job the agency tossed at me. I have a humongous collective crush on all my coworkers. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to go to work. it's been a long time since I could say that.

"My" office works to place (and retain) urban kids at suburban schools, as part of a statewide mandate to improve education for all. There is an office which administers the suburban-kids-to-urban-schools side, but I (for now) help out on the urban-to-suburban side. I have nothing especially important or relevant or skilled to do - but someone's gotta put away files and answer the phone. and for now, that's me. and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

everyone in my office appears to be wicked committed to the agency's mission. It's a beautiful thing. It's really inspiring to be around women who are so focused and determined.

I am the only white girl among my office mates. I try not to be a pain in the neck. I do what I'm told and stay out of the way, pretty much. Apparently I'm really good at that because my assignment has been extended "indefinitely."

The supervisor said "don't make any plans." so who knows.

I guess while I was more-or-less absent the usual chaos reigned. anyone else feel like they just can't keep up?

I am glad to hear that you like the new "job." But mostly I'm just glad to see you back.
aw heck. :)

I don't really know how much blogging I plan to do - seems these days that everything I have to say I've already said a hundred times, or someone's saying it better.

but I'm still around, anyway.
I missed ya! And congrats on the new job.
yay! and congrats!

I'm supposed to be keeping up?

Glad you like your new job!
Huzzah! Please add my voice to the chorus of, "Glad you're back!"
I am totally glad to be back. it's great to see everyone again.
oh - and I have an interview for a permanent job on Wednesday at a big ol' non-profit.

good luck!!
why, thank you!
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