Friday, June 15, 2007

I don't blog so much anymore, because I find that most of what I want to say is being said much more effectively by others. Case in point:Kim --

The woman is out of time at the DV shelter in mid-July.
Her options are to transfer to a family shelter, if there is room, or to another shelter in a different part of the state -- where she will have to begin the apartment search all over again.

Solve this problem.
(Or keep talking about the evils of pink.)

A woman finally gets the nerve to leave her abuser.
"Come to shelter, we will help you!"
Except, after her time at the shelter has run out, she is homeless.


Where are these women, these very same feminists who are so outraged about others "ruining what they started?"
Started back in the days when folks got off their lazy, self-righteous blogging asses and did something.
Protested, got sent to jail, looking for a revolution.
NOW, it appears this "revolution" can take place entirely ONLINE?
You think?
Where are these very serious, very non-fun radical feminists for this homeless woman?

Busy, it seems, weeding out the good women from the bad; the deserving from the non-deserving.
Busy, it appears, making threats and saying hateful things.
Busy it appears trying to all be Commander in Chief of their troops.
Because not one of them wants to be a foot solider.
But anyone could, if they wanted to, oh laws, yes, sister, we know.
If you wanted to, you could.
But you're busy.
Starting blogwars.
Reveling in self-righteous Woman Loving.
Gathering fans and sneering at the bones, makeup, tits and ass of other women.

Do you think, this homeless woman, would give a crap if a volunteer who was also a stripper wanted to help her out?
Do you think, this woman would care one iota?
When this woman says and I quote verbatim, after a non-productive day of searching for housing, "I see now why women go back to their abusers," do you think it matters at all?

They're funny -- the transcendent mind readers.And the leadership notion is funny, too -- they apparently want to keep women childlike and unindividualistic.
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