Thursday, May 10, 2007

I am so sad, y'all.

I lost my job.

I've looked under the sofa and behind the fridge and I can't find it ANYWHERE.

seriously - I been be-fired.

if anyone knows of some golden opportunity in the Hartford, CT area (or, fuckit, anywhere else), lemme know.

in the meantime, I think I'll have another beer. or something.

my husband is being a prince and a saint and my friends are all being so gentle and kind and loving. I am truly blessed. I am so lucky to have people in my corner.

thanks. just wanted to say that.

gah, that sucks AP....
well, that's how it goes.

I had a good run.

but for the moment I am sad.

well, I am actually drunk. more drunk than sad at the present.

tomorrow I imagine I will be more sad than drunk.
Hey, I lost my job, too! Sucks, I know. Must be the planets misaligned or something.
fuck. hugs.
That is no good!
"the moon is in 'uh-oh'", my friend said.
Oh, AP, I am so sorry to hear this!! I wish there was something I could do to make it not suck. *HUGS*
Oh, man. I am so sorry to hear that.

*hugs and good thoughts*
So sorry, AP.
Sorry, AP.
Losing a job is never easy.
Ugh...I hate it when that happens...May you find another when the time is right.
geez, I didn't know you were a ct girl too, you should come pick me up - we can go egg the house/grounds/cat of your former boss.

Best wishes in finding something better.
very sorry to hear that, wishes with whatever comes next for you.
i still haven't recovered when i lost the job i was at for 14 years, and that was 3 jobs ago. hope things improve.
I'm sorry AP.
Fuck 'em, and the horse they rode in on.
Oh well, maybe you can find something on a deserted island, somewhere, with some peaches and a prince and a great sealodad of tropical fish.
I'm not sure what a sealodad is but it must be good.
sealodad = solidad on the sea?

Just a thought...sounds not unpleasant. :)
Shit, sorry to hear this. Hope you find something soon.
those fuckers! i hope you find something better sooner.
I miss you- just thought I'd say that.
how you doing, AP?
AP what line of work are you in? I'd be happy to help brainstorm. I'm in the search field -- I don't think in your industry -- but might be able to help with some ideas.
I hope you're okay, AntiP. Lots of love!
New here, well, not new as far as reading woman's space and the blogs...

first, hang in there, job wise, know its tough...

second, reason I'm replying,

Hey, I like a woman who is not afraid to just say how she feels,

I know a bit what you are going through, I was purged from a far left socialist party because I refused, to be obedient, refused to apologize for the patriarchy, refused to be quiet in regards to porn [I'm very anti-porn], I am from the low side of things, lived on the streets, with abuse [since childhood], been in and out of bad relationships, worked on the streets...

I"m the typical 'poor white trash' that Amerikkkan society rejects, ignores, demonizes, etc.

and, I'm married [though getting OUT, but with three kids...low income, no resources, no family...not as easy, you know]

I'm what many feminists don't want to see


but anyway...evolving feminist here, learned the hard way, got the scars to show it, too many scars, way too much baggage and depression to show for it,

rage, anger, you name it, its there...

but hey, whats life, without baggage, only means, one hasn't traveled much through life's journeys if they don't have baggage right?

I have a blog, "TheMusesGarden', a journey actually, working through the darkness, not nice, not pretty, probably very offensive,


thats what we need, is being REAL...

there is a war against womyn, and there are some, well, no, many, in the 'controls' over activism,

that are too willing, to sell us all out...that much I know.

anyway, I commented, cuzz, I say fuck you all the time...but from where I sit, so many womyn, are barely surviving...and they aren't hesitant, to voice outrage,

but the thing is, I guess, we understand where the other is coming from,

and unless its sheer spite, usually, we just let it go,

its called forgiveness, and humility and realizing, sometimes, things trigger, sometimes, we just don't see things the same, because our experiences aren't the same,

but that doesn't mean,

they are invalidated. Have to work through the pain, the anger, and sometimes, the misunderstandings...because when its all said and done,

we are all in this together, even if many, aren't aware of it yet.


Tasha - thank you for commenting.

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this thread.

peace and strength on your journey.

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