Wednesday, March 07, 2007

ladies and gents, a personal note -

I have had it up to here with the following:

"Oh, no, you're okay, it's just your partner/husband/friend/person who resembles you is...well..."

"I didn't mean YOU! it's just your partner/husband/friend/person who resembles you is...well..."

"I have no problem with you, I just can't stand your blahblahblahblahblah..."

and dare I say, with just a hint of irony:
just shaddup already.

not because I disrespect your truth, or your voice, or find you beneath contempt on your best day (unless, of course, I also do), but because I just don't want to hear it anymore.

because the effort it takes to listen to you, to engage you, to privilege your point of view over my loved ones for even just a second, makes me a disloyal, rotten, totally suck-ass friend and a disgrace to my partner.

maybe before I learn to be an effective agent for change I have to learn to be a better person. So I'm done with that.

I want it on record that I dig the better fraction. I'm sure there's a lot of insight, tea, and sympathy to offer someone in your situation (wrt your post), but I am not that guru. I just like him.

Soooo, you don't think there's anything to the birds-of-a-feather philosophy?
Your husband, the dude with the kickass band? I'd say fuck the critics, because of obvious reasons.
actually, my husband has not been the subject of any such criticism from anyone I respect.

previous husbands and partners have, but Antiprince is in the clear.

note - he produces that kickass band, doesn't play with them.
I don't even want to know...

faith - I totally shoulda known better.

another opportunity for growth, yeah?

see, though, I've never been much of a sticker-upper. I've always been a "well, yeah, I can see your point, I can understand why you feel that way, I totally get what you're saying"-er.

I've always felt like it was a character flaw that needed some mending.

I feel that the universe is trying to tell me something about changing that, so I intend to pay attention.
I read that whole...thing. There are some people not worth trying to reason with. it's that easy. and you, more than just about anyone I've seen, has taken shit for "the company you keep" and that is UTTER crap. UTTER.

Methinks some folks project the hive mind too much.
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Ren: in this particular instance, I don't even think there -is- a hive.

"She's not playing with a full deck. She doesn't HAVE a deck. She has a three."

I guess I'm missing a lot of backstory here. Well, (((antip)))
I must've missed whatever it was that happened, but I'm adding my hugs to the ring...
and back atcha, amber. I just caught wind of your recent entanglement.
Clearly I'm behind the curve here. Are you talking about g-m-r? Or some offshoot from the whole Heart and CM drama?
The whole idea of disliking people for the company they keep is, well, a bit junior high for my tastes.
And hugs too, BTW. I forgot that part.
Yeah, I second what Belledame said. You'd have a better chance of getting a logical response from a jar of mayonaise.
CS: CM, here. who -is- an offshoot, all by herself. way, wayy off.
Belle - CM again? Wow, she really is determined to offend everyone, isn't she?
At this point I'm hoping the whole thing dies down soon, and trying not to get involved in that other argument.
CS: don't be silly, it's everyone else who's OUT TO GET HER, for NO REASON AT ALL.
Oops, sorry, forgot about the persecution complex.
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