Friday, March 23, 2007

I am in arrears, questions-wise. let me not be a questions-deadbeat!

Mamalujo is curious about the following:

1. When you were a "rock solid" 100 lbs. and five feet tall, what was your cup size?

gosh - you know, I don't really remember. maybe "B". maybe "C". I wasn't paying close attention. my mind was rather clouded by the obsessive burning desire for potatoes and the urge to go hide under a rock. those were dark, dark times, my friend.

2. How do signal to your husband that you're "in the mood"?

I say "hey, honey, how 'bout some 'married time'?" in a humorously-salacious tone of voice, accompanied by comically-insinuating eyebrows and some inappropriate pawing.

and then he rolls his eyes and says "God! I'm not a machine, you know! I have needs!"

and then he says "Only kidding...race you up the stairs!"

wanna know a secret? I'm often too shy to ask. no, really. isn't that funny?

3. What's your favorite homebrew recipe?

oh wow - we have a great recipe that my husband made up. we were aiming for, I think, an amber ale? maybe? Antiprince took great care to devise a recipe using the Tastybrew calculator, we cleaned the kitchen like it was a nuclear research facility, we did everything strictly according to directions. we bottled it with a minimum of bickering (god how we hate to bottle in our tiny kitchen), and let it sit in the basement for what seemed like forEVER. Then we invited an expert to our house to taste a bottle.

we opened a bottle for him and the cap shot across the room and almost broke a window. ke-POW! "remarkably clean fermentation," the expert said. (oh, I could have died of pride right there.)

he examined and compared and inspected and tasted and measured and swirled and consulted and considered and finally said "Well, it's not an ale. It's delicious, but it's not an ale. I think it's an English Brown."

and we were like "delicious? really? not poisonous? that is so cool." we were awfully proud.

OK - none of that is really the recipe, I realize now. Maybe Antiprince will stop by and comment with more details on that.

4. Have you ever spent the night in a cave?

ooh. why no. is it fun? should I get our sleeping bags? I bet it's awesome. do bats bother you or do they leave you alone? what about cougars?

5. Do you enjoy having your hair brushed?

why yes. yes I do. but I have a great lot of hair. someday I'll shave it all off and give it to charity wigmakers, and tattoo a big angry dragon on my head. but for now, I love having my hair brushed. aaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Is this a send up of i blame the patriarchy?
Is this a send up of i blame the patriarchy? noticed! (blush)

It's not really a "send-up" - I don't have the raw comic talent or writerly chops to properly parody Twisty, and I don't pretend to.

now that I think about it, if I did have that kind of exquisite skill, why would I waste my time parodying Twisty - who neither cares nor even notices?

I should have some sort of permanent link to the posts that explain the title. they're in the archives somewhere.
"4. Have you ever spent the night in a cave?"

I lived in a tent on a mountainside right beside a river for over two months once. I'd probably still being doing stuff like that quite often if it wasn't for the fact that I'm a mommy.
I lived in a tent on a mountainside right beside a river for over two months once.

no shit!
say more about that!
Gah. All this while i figured twisty's blog was a parody of some fanatical feminist's. no? Lords.
oh and does anti prince blog too?
(this and prev comment is courtesy me- non asian)
All this while i figured twisty's blog was a parody of some fanatical feminist's. no?

as far as I know, no. such is her authentic voice, as far as I can determine.

antiprince doesn't blog much. he can sometimes be found on myspace but he's just not much of a blogger. why do you ask?
"no shit!
say more about that!"

ok. :)

I lived in a small, two person tent with the man who was my boyfriend at the time; he's also the father of my children. I made a small "cooler" with rocks in the river to store our food. We both gathered wood and had two fire pits; one large and one small. I cooked on both pits, but mostly the smaller one. I cooked just about everything on the open fire, including big steaks (this was before I swore off eating meat). We bathed downstream in the river since the water at the spot we were staying was sooo cold. We were pretty close to the top of the mountain. I also washed my clothes in the river; he washed his own, although I think I did wash some of his clothes a few times. I spent a great deal of time watching crawfish, tadpoles, small native trout and minnows swim around the river and caught a few. It was actually a very enjoyable experience. We ended up leaving when the weather started to turn cold and a huge rainstorm that lasted for like 2-3 days washed us out.

I was actually raised in a rural area and did a lot of camping and fishing as a kid. That particular spot is only about 20 minutes away from my parent's home.
faith - was this a sort of vacation for y'all, or an experiment, or was it intended as a permanent homestead?

that must have been quite an experience! I am envious.
Oooh ohhh Tag me tag me
"was this a sort of vacation for y'all, or an experiment, or was it intended as a permanent homestead?"

We were living in a house with a few other people. Those people had become progressively negative influences. So, one night we decided once and for all that we should move. We were going to look for a place to rent but I basically said "Fuck it! Let's just go stay in a tent!". So that's exactly what we did...

We found a place to rent shortly after getting rained out. But like I said before, I'd still do it again in a heartbeat if I didn't have kids. Getting back to the Earth is a really great way to cleanse yourself and recharge your batteries, so to speak. Well, at least it is for me anyway.
You're still a question deadbeat, because I got questions for you too at my place! Gotta keep you busy, idle hands are the devils workshop. LOL
"what about cougars?" OMG. Too funny.
"what about cougars?" OMG. Too funny.

inquiring minds want to know!
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