Thursday, March 08, 2007

all the news that gives you fits...of giggles...
From the fine folks at Yahoo news:

Cubans sneak ashore during US security drill

By Jane Sutton Thu Mar 8, 4:57 PM ET

MIAMI (Reuters) - While hundreds of U.S. law enforcement agents intercepted imaginary Cuban migrants during a massive training exercise in south Florida, two boatloads of actual Cubans sneaked ashore on Miami Beach on Thursday.

Boaters dropped off 21 Cuban migrants at a popular nudist beach and left 19 others on another beach a few hours later, the Border Patrol said. Both vessels escaped.

"It's our belief that they were the result of organized smuggling," Border Patrol spokesman Steve McDonald said.

The Cubans arrived on day two of a training exercise to test "Operation Vigilant Sentry," the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's plan to halt a possible mass migration from the Caribbean. About 325 agents from 85 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies took part in the exercise, which ended on Thursday.

"We're not embarrassed at all," McDonald said. "It's not uncommon for them (Cubans) to have landings."

"It's our belief that they were the result of organized smuggling," Border Patrol spokesman Steve McDonald said."

No! Ya think?
I guess if they were the result of disorganized smuggling they'd have ended up in Maine?

Note - I'm not trying to make light of the treacherous ocean journey or the tenuous political situation between the US and Cuba or the personal lives of the folks who undertook to risk life and limb to make this trip (although, landing on a nude beach is pretty funny).

I'm absolutely poking fun at the Border Patrol. and I'm not sorry.
This is hilarious. I emailed it to a few friends after reading it here this morning. Someone should make it into a cartoon. Draw the law enforcement agents in the foreground on a beach and a bunch of cubans right behind them sneaking onto the shore with one of those little rubber rafts wrapped around their waists and their feet poking out the bottom. That would be perfect.
I'm thinking the Border Patrol was sympathetic.
You know how the military chants shiz while they're doing their drills? The song for this one goes:

Row, row, row your boat,
Back from where you came,
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
The government's insane.

Actually quite pleased with this. I want refugees to make it into this country. I come from immigrants and refugees -as do a huge percentage of us- so I'm happy when the gov't fails to preserve its current shittiness wrt Homeland Security, immigration, and amnesty. Welcome!
Hey antiprincess!

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