Monday, March 19, 2007

AdequateDer's questions:

1) How does Hillary Clinton strike you?
like a handful of pudding to the solar plexus.
she does not represent me as a woman or me as an american. Hillary represents Hillary. which is great if you're Hillary. not so good if you're, say, me.

2)In the pantheon of feminist literati is there one person whom you feel is solidly in your corner or on your wavelength?
I'm-a think on that. it's a great question, and I want to make sure I do it justice. so I will return to this question shortly.

3)If you could play an instrument, what would it be?
the banjo, naturally - so I could make beautiful, chime-y, celestial-sounding tones like Bela Fleck. sigh.

4)What's the best restaurant you've eaten in? Or your favorite, if it widely differs...

best as in fanciest? best as in most delicious? best as in most consistent quality? clearly more information is needed. what do you mean by "best"?

5)Do you like snow?
Oh, question...
5) Why are teeth bad?
Oops! I'm gonna hear it...moving on...
5) Wanna see my spaceship?
I'm totally done for...

I don't want to talk about snow, or teeth. Good thing for you I am too much of a lady to slap you silly. however, I would love to see your spaceship. are you from a different planet?

In all seriousness...

5)Can friends be lovers? Can lovers be friends?

well, I sincerely hope so. otherwise I've been doing it all wrong.
I used to think that friendship (that elusive combination of respect, warm regard, affinity, fondness, shared interests, and all that undefineable other stuff) was not a requirement for twue luv. I was sadly mistaken. I have learned that I can't possibly tolerate engaging in romance with someone who doesn't inspire feelings of friendship.

On the other hand, maybe that's just me.

There was the question elsewhere, that I thought hard about :What 2 people you hate would you put in a cage fight together?" My thought was HIllary Clinton and Pat Robertson.

I like Bela Fleck, too.

And the last one? I think the best romances, the most lasting ones, begin as friendships. Then you get where the most important thing for you is that the other one is happy. When you both get to that position, you know it's right.
my pal AdequateDer can teach you to play the banjo, rootie. he's good like that. then we can all make beautiful flecktones.

I think that there's a complicated interplay between friendship and loverhood. I'll try to say more on that later, too.

cage match? My stepmother and that guy Byrdeye from Ren's blog.
Banjoes are good. I have teeny hands and even a 6 string guitar is hard, but those nice 4 string narrow neck banjos with a built in drum head- awesome. Right after I learn the flute.
I have teeny hands too. I had some luck with the mandolin, but I could never find sheet music.
I don't especially hate Hillary, but I'm very far from enthused about the prospect of her being the nominee. she strikes me as the Compleat Politician. right now i'm most aggravated at her because she's a center-right fair-weather-friend that I'm gonna find myself feeling like i have to defend again when the HITLERY IS SATAN!!! trogs all come foaming out of the woodwork again. worst of both worlds.

it's weird, at one point i was over the moon about the idea that Obama might someday run; now he's actually running and i'm still not really into it. i just feel really cynical about electoral politics in general i guess, since '04 at least.

i wish we could exhume Paul Wellstone and resurrect him or something...
my best friend was at some function where he met her, maybe interviewed her briefly, the other week. he said she's "terrifying." (i.e. Compleat Politican Terrifying) and he LIKED her, i know, so...

i think a lot of people like the -idea- of Hillary, for pretty much exactly the same reason that a lot of other people hate the -idea- of her. she's basically just Bill in a skirt without the warmth, as far as I can tell.
I read the Women's Room, a bunch of times actually, my parents had/have it. yea, period piece. i remember being really caught up in it up till the end, then being sort of confused and depressed about her...conclusions.
Belledame- Fuckin' A on the Wellstone tip, y'all.

AP- in response to #4, yes, yes and yes. Ultimately, just talk about good restaurants. Say, I ate at the Russian Tea Room once and I still prefer O'Rourke's. Burger King sucks, but their Onion Rings are blangin'...

We'll get you used to those banjo fingerpicks, I say. They're a far sight more comfortable to wear than sitar plectra...torture, I say.
best food: my house. beyond a doubt. but you already know that.

best luxury ambiance: the dining room of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship "Empress of the Seas". a perfect blend of ostentatious hospitality and bourgeois elegance - so effective that you completely forget you're eating slightly-less-than-fresh hotel food.

best all-around restaurant experience: a place called Savannah's in Fell's Point in Baltimore, now sadly defunct I believe. that was the first time I ever had anything with pomegranate sauce. blew my mind.

fondest food memory: fish chowder with sherry peppers at The Hog Penny in Bermuda, accompanied by a fancy cocktail avec parapluie and my newly-minted husband.
adequateder - I've never even held a banjo. I wouldn't know what to do with the fingerpicks.
If all else fails, the husband would love the fingerpicks as back-scratching accessories.
That comment-section hyperlink totally didn't work, huh? How's that one done?
I wish I knew. I've never been able to hyperlink in comments.
"i wish we could exhume Paul Wellstone and resurrect him or something... "

He is one of the VERY few Democrats I truly respected. It was a grievous loss to our country when he died.
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