Monday, March 19, 2007

Belledame's questions:

1) How're things going with the silk piece?

well, it's silk pieces now...many pieces. many explorations, some successful, most not, some stalled, none finished...a little frustrating but yet compelling. the weight of the fabric makes it both gloriously lovely to touch and at the same time impossible to control. fun.

2) What's the last book you finished? What's next?

oh, hey - The Women's Room. I finished it last week. it was, um, long. As a period piece and influential work of fiction - most intriguing. as the gospel truth - not so much. But I finished it. Next up is Chuck Pahlaniuk's Diary, which I borrowed from Bimbo and started last night.

3) How do you usually deal with anger?

now, see, because you're asking that, I have a sneaking suspicion that you already know how I usually deal with anger - that is, usually I don't.

I will make headlines someday because of it. but I'm not tremendously forthcoming about anger. I am, generally speaking, far too fearful.

4) Dark chocolate or milk?

dark, beyond a doubt.

5) If you can persuade antiprince to get a dog or cat, what kind would you get?
oh, wow. jeez. at this point, I'm not sure I'm so fussy about breed. I'm more concerned with how the potential new family member would behave around our birds. Also, I hate high-pitched barking noises. any dog that does not make high-pitched barking noises would be welcome. of course, the furrier and bigger and more oafishly friendly the better...

1 word:
Golden Retriever.
ok that's two words. you know what I mean. Get an adult one from a rescue, they're so grateful.
hm. intriguing.

I keep threatening my husband and his pals that someday I'll adopt a retired police dog. they don't seem to like that idea. can't imagine why...
Instead, you could get a scooter. *meepmeep*
Hell awaits you at my place, AntiP.
kinda hard to snuggle a scooter

you know, I prefer my dogs the way I prefer my men. what does that say?
I second the golden retriever. And I quite liked Diary. I liked all his books except Haunted, which got boring.
sage - I just finished Haunted last night (after finishing Diary the night before). I liked it - but skipped the "poetry". that moved things along faster.
Definitely a Golden Retriever, or a Newfoundland, if you don't mind your men slobbering on you.
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