Monday, January 08, 2007

I think it's safe to sound the all clear. blue skies and chirping birdies all around. fences have been appropriately mended and bonds restored. There's a nice sort of clean, renewed, "morning in america" feeling.

It was quite an opportunity for growth, all around.

I wonder if I should take the previous post down altogether (rewriting history, but also not indulging/dwelling on painful stuff) or just posting madly to drive the previous post off the front page (going back on my overdramatic "no posts for a while" declaration, but again making a committment to moving on).

Thanks to all who reached out when I was feeling all dead and demolished inside. Thanks for the gentleness, kindness, perspective and good humor. Thanks for the agape, I think it's called. (I could have that wrong. maybe that word does not mean what I think it means.) whatever. I owe y'all.


Nah, got that one pretty much right. It's the kind of love Paul is always talking about as the cornerstone of the up building of the church. Plato says a few things too, but I don't know as much about that...
oh. well thanks.

yeah, it's been quite a little learning experience.

should I take down the previous post, or just post like a maniac to push it off the front page?
Glad things are better AP.
agape is love in it's purest form- the love God has for mankind is agape love. It can also be called sacrificial love, a willingness to put aside your own desires for the benefit of someone else.

I'm glad the storm clouds have cleared.
Don't take it down, you meant it then, and I don't really see anything to be embarassed about in it. Tho it can be painful to bare onself like that. Do what makes you most comfortable.
as a friend of mine observed -

"I never really knew what "better" felt like, until now."
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Note: all better means ALL BETTER.

we're probably not going to talk about this again. and if we do, we're not going to go into great graphic name-naming detail.
Glad things are better :)
Hey, leave it up if you can tolerate it. Then the next time one of us is felling particularly down, we can head over here and soak up some of the good vibes!

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I'm feeling ozoipd today. Gonna go get some coffee.

P.S. glad you're good
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