Tuesday, December 05, 2006

RIP Bitch/Lab.

the blog, I mean. not the lady.
Oh that bites the big one ... and I had just found that one too ...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Uhhhh..not if I can help it.

I'm in the process of generating a campaign to gather all of B|L's fans to donate to get her a new and better webhost...or at least, donate some bandwidth to get her going again.

Details as they occur...but see my latest entry at the SmackChron for more details.


wtf? goddamn.
I know.

she was so influential to me.
how do you delete a comment because it always makes you think that it was something good but in reality it could just have a mispelled word.
you click on the little trash can in the lower left corner of the comment, if the comment is in fact your own, or if you are the blogowner upon whose blog the comment sits.

and no, I must respectfully decline the nomination. I'd have to change my clever nickname, and my Blogger's license, and you know how bad I am about actually doing things that require paperwork.

antiprincess I am, antiprincess I shall remain.
She's back up for now; there is a donations button and a more detailed explanation of wha hoppened. i must confess i still don't get it, but apparently she doesn't either, at least wrt -why- this is a problem, so maybe it's not just my luddite-ism.
AP- don't you work in an office and do paperwork all day.... and your not good at paperwork? lol
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