Friday, December 29, 2006

ok - here.

I think I'm on, what, like six or eight blogrolls. if any of y'all whose blogrolls I'm on also link to twisty (by some wild statistical hiccup), just go ahead and de-link me. It's not like I'll be mad or anything (as if anyone cares about tender fee-fees). and it's not like she'll care anyway.

It makes me feel weird to be on the same blogroll. I have a right to my boundaries, more or less. so please, just remove me from those blogrolls which also link to her site.

I'll take suggestions for a new improved blog name, to further reduce confusion.

change is good.

I'll remove Twisty, not you.
How's that?
woah, dude.

I don't know what to say.
hey, do you think Bitch/Lab will let me use "Brain-Friends" for a title?
Yes, I have been part of this 'statistical hiccup', though my link to your site had fallen off my blogroll due to another type of hiccup entirely. Apparently, my blogroll would only render the most recent 100 blog links saved, and since I'd actually saved your link before saving IBTP, paradoxically, yours fell off the list (along with a lot of other stuff, leading me to wonder... "Hey, I know I blogrolled that site, where the fuck did it go?" - etc.)

But then, as I was trying to develop a workaround for the issue, I read this very post, and figured the bloggity gods must be laughing at me.

More needless angst and hand-wringing over same can be found here: Feminist internecine warfare in a petri dish… Oh, yummy.

For now, my de facto temporary solution is just to have no damned blogroll. Honestly, I dislike the prospect of not having links to either your site or IBTP (which doesn't mean I'd disrespect your wishes here, just that I dislike the prospect).

Because, thing is, I depend on a diet of regular feminist contradiction in order to keep me (relatively) sane, honed, engaged.

(Anybody remember a newspaper that used to be out there called Lesbian Contradiction: A Journal of Irreverent Feminism? Oh, if they were still publishing, I'd love to do a feature for them on this very matter...)
don't know that one, but it sounds great. -mourns a moment for the many fine publications that are no longer on this mortal coil-
I have NO IDEA how far the Second Level De-Linky went. Did a lot of people do it?
I don't know. I guess someone could run a technorati search on it.

still got the statistical hiccups?

is there a cure for that? (teehee - get it?)

Because, thing is, I depend on a diet of regular feminist contradiction in order to keep me (relatively) sane, honed, engaged.

Since I don't have a blogroll (viva laziness!) I couldn't delink her, or delink folks who link to her. and, you know, then you'd still be linking to someone who linked to someone who linked to's like that big thing over Alas-a-blog and linking to porn - you can't really truly be completely pure in one's linkage because everyone is linked to someone who's linking to someone who's linking to someone who's dirtydirtydirty.

so, what I can do is take myself out of the equation the best I can.

yet, I understand the need for the fiber of feminist contradiction to keep the mind, um, regular.

so, I'm not going anywhere, really. I'm still fairly easily accessible, I imagine.

hey, do you remember "Women: A journal of liberation" and "No More Fun and Games"?

do you think anyone would give us money to study old feminist journals to see if the visions of the future described in them bear any resemblance to the world today?
and, of course, it's probably worth mentioning that there's a link to IBTP right here, several posts down.

a wormhole to another dimension...

of my own hypocrisy!

well-I feel like I need to link to the discussion I'm discussing. inter-post links don't make me feel as weird.
i don't think anyone but Vanessa and Jack were talking about that, and Jack was i think Under the Influence, and has since recanted of his deed and at least some of his ire.
Hi there.

I added you and removed her in the exact same moment.

Beautiful stuff.
woah. again - that was not at all the reaction I was expecting.

but, hi, Daisy! nice to meet you.
Seriously, I'm with Kim and Daisy. I'd much rather kick Twisty off the list than you. So, bubye Twisty.
Oh, sweetie, don't take it so hard. There are still people who link to both myself and Somebody Evil; I had to get used to it. Particularly since my own raison d'etre is to link to as many potentially inflammatory people as possible, and sit back and watch them all Get Along. Which they usually do, surprisingly.
I have my limits, more or less.

this is one of them.

I don't expect people to de-link her (and I really don't know how to feel about that!) - but, you know, I'm not on a whole lot of blogrolls anyway.
Yes, you are, well, depending what you consider "a lot." Have you checked your Technorati stats? (does so) "172 links from 65 blogs." so, more than 6 or 8.

"We all come into this world each equipped with our little horns. If we don't blow them, who will?"

--Addison deWitt, "All About Eve"
"We all come into this world each equipped with our little horns. If we don't blow them, who will?"

--Addison deWitt, "All About Eve"


scchhhhhhhhhhup. i remember the biggest lesson i learned from a feminist mentor in grad school was that the Big Lie was that we weren't supposed to toot our horns. she said, the trick is, how you do it.
Okay, I just saw this. And updating my blogroll is something I do slowly and infrequently. I was so pleased to add you recently and I wasn't anticipating another update.

I just link to the ones I read. It's not a popularity contest or a vote of agreement, it's a convenient way for me to run through my reading; by clicking through my own blogroll.

So at the moment you're both there but when I update I'll change that.
Okay, I fixed it. Twisty's gone.
that totally blows my mind.
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