Friday, December 15, 2006

And Ginmar also brought up an interesting point in the comments of this post at I Blame the Patriarchy, to wit:

Yeah, antiprincess, whatever. You’re sitting there, commiserating with a sexist guy. Your site is basically mocking Twisty. Exactly how are you anything but a cheerleader for sexist assholes?

Oh, wait….

oh, so look who's mocking.

See, what this whole thread exploded over was Maiken's suggestion that castrating future rapists might not be such a good idea, even in jest.

I gotta say - if agreeing with Maiken is wrong, I don't want to be right.

hand me my pompoms.

on that note, I open the floor for all-a-y'all - former first-stringers, saddle-shoe-rejecters and frustrated pepsquad rejects alike, to compose your own cheers as appropriate. or inappropriate. whatev.

Be! Creative! Bee-Ee Creative! Whoo!

I gotta say - if agreeing with Maiken is wrong, I don't want to be right.

and I say this, even having suffered through my own fair share of non-consensual sex, at varying levels of brutality, just like most of the rest of us.
oh, and for what it's worth, I'm not sure I'm such a successful mocker anyway.

for one thing, I don't know if Twisty really feels so mocked. I think she thinks I'm pretty irrelevant, kind of like a gnat trying to bite an elephant.

further, I mock lots of other people, not just Twisty.
I am rubber, you are glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

No, wait... can't say that, rubber is a term for a condom and that doesn't go with castration. Penis= bad, no penis= good. Isn't that what it's really all about? Must remember to adhere to the doctorines.
Thing is, castration wouldn't do any good anyway. Rape isn't about sex drive, it's about power. One can be raped as easily (or more so) by a broom handle, a gun, or a monkey wrench as by a penis.

Now, if someone rapes a child,or shows strong sexual tendencies toward children (child porn, etc)my thinking would be rawther different. Castrate and emasculate, imo. I have no tender thoughts toward the rights of those folk.

but then that's just my opinion, and worth what you paid for it.
well, it's complicated.

who knows but some tortured souls out there might consider relief from demonic urges a...blessing? and be...grateful?

and after the gavel falls and justice has been served, maybe chemical castration would be a cost-effective and more-or-less permanent solution to recidivism. I haven't really looked into it - I probably should.

but I'm not a fan of punishing crimes before they happen. I just can't handle that.
Penis= bad, no penis= good. Isn't that what it's really all about?

well, that depends on who you talk to. such is what makes the feminist blogosphere go round.

antip, what are you DOING! have you gone MAD, woman!...

(look, she said it again! "Nee! Nee!")

oh well, shit, batten down the hatches...
dude, seriously though, i can't even read that shit anymore.

took one fifteen second look and that was...

well, i will say that this comment by Edith made me laugh out loud:

I’m glad I kept reading this till I got to the Mary Daly, because I was getting a bit depressed with all this anti-castration talk.

Personally, I'm all for castration as long as some of those fine folks do it themselves. Especially Twisty. Give her something a little more hands-on to do for once, you know...

and maybe she'd finally feel sated enough to stop snapping photos of unknowing womens' asses for other women to make fun of, for a little while.
"and maybe she'd finally feel sated enough to stop snapping photos of unknowing womens' asses for other women to make fun of, for a little while. "

Get out. This person does this? Does she claim to be an adult?
"but I'm not a fan of punishing crimes before they happen. I just can't handle that."
In general, neither am I, but there is no warm place in my heart for pedophiles. None. I have trouble seeing them as human beings.
well, in order to be identified as sexual predators of children, they actually have to act on those desires - and at that point, maybe the case could be made.

but I imagine it would be difficult to pick out potential criminals from the general population of human beings before they have actually, um, crimed.
"and emasculate, imo."

Rootie, with all due respect, I don't think one's sense of masculinity is necessarily an association with pedophilia. That kind of clouds the issue and it would not do anything to modify or curtail pathological behavior. Maybe I'm nitpicking over words unnecessarily...
Did you know that?

People can commit sexual assaults even without using their genitalia...

The more you know, because knowledge is power.

Criminy on a stick, do they get it that the whole chop his balls and dick off with a rusty spoon thing furthers the idea that rape is really about the sex?

Feck that. I guess i'd prefer a response to sexual violence that was actually about preventing further assaults rather than a feel good johnson smashing. i enjoy a ritual genital mutilation as much as the next fellow, but sometimes i find that a orgiastic festival of Rod-Related-Retaliation just doesn't solve the problem of rape.

Who knew?

/pardon the puns, bad alliteration, and snark. this stuff really bugs me, because it's twisty at her most patriarchal. her construction of power is literally riding on a fruedian castration motif. hello?
well done, sly.
more and more i am leaning toward the theory that it comes off the back of a cereal box, myself.

rootie: see here.

Kim has the link to the original there; i'm not gonna link the 'stain again myself. not today.
anyway, it's just the usual crap; they wanted to get their hate on and someone had the poor taste to interrupt their fifteen minutes. grr snarl.

same as it ever was.
ha! twisty thinks she's like a "pube in the back of my throat!" ever with the charming imagery, Twisty.


I can't tell whether her speculation that my animosity is due to my being "one of those BDSM gals" who's all cranky 'cause she mocked my "lifestyle" (my lifestyle is probably even more boring than yours these days, T), comes from disingenuousness or splendid indifference. clearly she'd like to communicate the latter.

No, Twisty, for the record, I think your sadism beats mine any day; it's just that in my book, it really ought to be consensual, and you don't provide a safeword.

Oh, yeah, and you've been thoroughly vile in your genteel little way. and no, we're not the only ones to have noticed it by now, really.

Mostly, I really loathe pathological narcissists.

Other than that, though, you're golden. Nice food writing.

The Jane Hathaway act is getting a bit old, though.

...If they'd name the girl Tiffany, someone would have accused him of saddling her with a girly name as an act of Patriarchal aggression, giving the baby a "feminized" name designed to infantilize and... uh... PINK IS EVIL! EVIL!
new expression of Irritated Disdain, Unspecified Type, with Stage IV Contempt:

Throat Pube.

in context:

you are such a throat pube.

don't be such a throat pube!

she used to be cool, until she turned into a total throat pube.

share and enjoy.
If they'd name the girl Tiffany, someone would have accused him of saddling her with a girly name as an act of Patriarchal aggression, giving the baby a "feminized" name designed to infantilize and... uh... PINK IS EVIL! EVIL!

I noticed that too, veronica.

I was really unsure how to respond to that.
Those fuckers over at IBTP are straight-up abusive. That's all there is to it. The mask is completely off at this point.
what really sucks is that otherwise sane people (thinking girl) get sucked into the frenzy. i'm sure from where she's sitting the Particicution ritual looks totally reasonable. well, give it time.
say, d'you think T was exercising rapist mentality there? i mean she's inserting herself in the form of a -pube- into my -throat,- metaphorically speaking.

and we all know what a slippery slope--

shit, more imagery.

i think i should sue. or Mary Sue. or something.
Perhaps the solution is for everyone to have numbers instead of names. But, no numbers with points... only round ones 09836. Wouldn't want any potential phallic names in the mix.
well you CAN'T include "69," you know.

otherwise, seems like a perfectly sensible idea.

anyone for tacos and Koolaid?
I don't even see the point of commenting on Twisty's blog. I mean, they're so far past the point of any kind of rational discussion and all about venting about how much they hate men and hate penises and hate woman who doesn't hate men and penises as much as they do. Trying to have a reasonable discussion about sex and gender and Twisty's is like trying to have a reasonable discussion about race at Stormfront.
i just think:

o, look, a white rabbit! o, wait, remember what happened the last time i followed him? never mind.
"Rootie, with all due respect, I don't think one's sense of masculinity is necessarily an association with pedophilia."

Oh, I'm not saying it does,I'm just saying I'd be willing to do massive and permanent bodily harm to pedophiles. Emotional response.
I had successfully avoided going over to IBTP until our software went down and I was left with nothing to do at work but twiddle my thumbs.

Yeah. I have poor self control. I admit it.

Now I'm all pissed and nowehere to go because I stumbled upon this load of horse manure.

What's a gal to do.

Maybe I should make up some Harbls instead. Mine will never compare to Kim's, though.
kimz in ur keebord
mixin da harbls
oh. OH. okay now i'm fucking beside myself again.

know who Spinning Liz obviously is?


stupid fucktards can't even be bothered to

Rowan Golightly Dec 12th, 2006 at 1:37 pm

Response to Spinning Liz:

Not only do you appear to be OT here but you’re also jumping to conclusions. Perhaps you might wish to read the web-site to which you’ve linked a bit more carefully. Not only are you incorrect in your assumption that the beheficiary of this calendar has stripped for the calendar but none of the rest of the women the calendar have done so either. They are all professional woman who have gathered together to help a friend using the tool we all know works best: sex sells.

You admit that you are bitter and angry; that comes across quite quickly. Well, you’ve now made at least 12 other women angry…at you. Add me to that number. Just because you have a serious, life-threatening disease does not give you license to bad mouth and abuse others who are doing something they believe in to help a friend. This is a woman who has insurance which will not pay for her medication, who is working hard throughout her illness to the best of her abilities. She is maintaining a positive attitude and is a wonderful role model of those who suffer.

Bitter really won’t get you far nor gain you a whole lot of friends. It just sounds to me like you’re upset that no one is putting together a similar fund-raiser for you.

But of course, I could be wrong.


&^@*$&^!^# oh NO THEY

fucking YEAH RIGHT they SHOULD be holding a...




i, i, i, i'm just spitting here.
Yeah, that's Vibrating Liz.
yep. grannyvibe. also someone i used to know (virtually) from a VC I was on, where she was as beloved as she is here. she's worth 1,000 of...anyway.

well, i took a couple of deep breaths instead of posting what i was going to, and read on. a couple of them do post there. including the vile pony, who does a decent impression of a human being when her eject button isn't being pushed.

she's bankrupt, at stage IV of aggressive lymphoma, and uninsured. and now apparently has to sell her beloved house.

i cannot fucking BELIEVE someone had the -fucking- gall to tell her...sput, sput.

so anyway i did have the thought that actually, yeah okay, a fundraiser without stripping then, might be a good idea, at that...

she's already got a fund going i guess, ("Shoe fund"), but goddam, she keeps such a low profile, at least compared to SOME PEOPLE.
meanwhile, will someone please forcibly restrain me from sending Rowan whosis hate mail? i know it won't help anything; but goddam it'd make -me- feel better.

"a wonderful role model of those who suffer." what. the FUCK.
Oh wonderful idea, lets give a person who gets off on power a snip job, theres no WAY thatll give them more rage issues to take out on their victim of choice. word to the wise...think ted bundy. had his own set, chose to use, among other things, a BED POST.
well, actually I think Twisty herself said it best when she told Rowan to fuck off.
did she? i missed that, then. well, that's a start.
i expect she herself has heard the "maintaining a positive attitude" bullshit.

besides everything else, i cannot BELIEVE the chutzpah it takes for a healthy person (anyone, really, but) to lecture someone with stage IV cancer about how she -shouldn't be bitter;- what she should -really- be focused on is, well, what is it now? the women who are stripping for their friend's benefit are professionals? it didn't really go where they said it did? it's ZOMG cheesecake and that's all that matters?

a woman with stage IV cancer, that is, who is, unlike Twisty, without insurance, bankrupt, and in the process of having to sell her house.

but, think positive!!!1! BEAMZ

fuckmedead, as BL would say.

or, as RE would say:

"Humans. The other white meat."

fuck, i'm going to bed. for about two hundred years.
"i expect she herself has heard the "maintaining a positive attitude" bullshit."

She has ranted several times about it.
Also, Twisty is sooooo over memes. She is just too cool for school. You are just so lame if you do a meme. Well, unless you write a paragraph about how lame memes are beforehand.

Word verification: wdfuh.

What da fuh, indeed.
I was going to say, why do any of us even read her at all anymore? but i will admit, if you hadn't brought that link to my attention, amber, i wouldn't have seen the Spinning Liz blog. which i have decided i am a lot more interested in than bloodY twisty.
I try not to read her. But sometimes I can't resist, Like this time. I am weak willed at times, I admit it.

ANd yeah, I am really glad I foudn the Spinning Liz blog. So see? Something good came out of it!
I's on yr blog
Leafin you Comments!

I admit, I do, I go there every damn day. Much as I get on her ass for all that, how to say -- relentless Smarter Than Thou style of writing, once you pick your way thru it, she is a GOOD writer.

I love her wit, I do -- and I do get down wit much o what she says.

Then she goes and fucks it all up by posting pics of thongs and calling me a "hypocrite" and all.

Still -- the anger I feel THEN keeps me going. I get all riled up and, frankly, I like that -- makes me write, you know?

I'm all over the Comments in the, what the hell is called, Any Excuse to Denigrate Lipstick post. Fightin' the same old Lipstick ain't evil fight.

Another reason I go to IBTP?
I'll be fucked if I'll be **STARSTRUCK** or intimidated by her and her lackeys. I may not get 144 Comments per day and what not, but fuck -- I'll take a backseat to none when it comes to writing.

But basically I'm in a hardcore love/hate thing with her.

You guys, however, I just love.
AWWWWWWW! :):):)
im in my livingroom
blushin all pink

that's awfully nice of you to say, Kim. I owe you a coffee or what-you-like.

yeah, I'm a broken record but it's quite true -

twisty:me = mozart:salieri.

I've made my peace with it.

and yeah, like you said, the process of dissent makes me a better writer myself. so it's all good, except when it sux.
My own personal contribution to feminism is to wear lippy and heels. I blow the patriarchy. I truly think this is one of the most disruptive things for the Twisted Sisters. It's a little thing I like to call happy. As in not hating the world.
no, Twisty is a lot more like Salieri.

so she strings pretty words together. so what.

content matters, too.

Mozart she ain't.

temperament and aesthetics wise i compared her once to Johnathan Swift. but she's not really that, either. Johnathan Ambling, maybe.
My own personal contribution to feminism is to wear lippy and heels.

it's true. I've seen her do it.
Salieri and Mozart!
Love that.

Can I get a big round of applause that I was able to resist naming Annabelle and Zuzu Paris and Nicole?

It WAS hard -- I was so tempted.
"Shit, Paris just coughed up a hairball!"
"Nicole, get out of the macaroni!"

oh, shit! that would've been perfect! o well.

i think they kind of name themselves, anyway.
Just came across the following comment by Pony at IBTP:

"You know, if you’re not a fag you’re doing a damn good imitation of one. Darling."

She's 'insulting' someone by calling them gay! How very mature.

Jesus christ, she's vile.
Oh that's IT. FAG??

christ on a crutch, what is WRONG with that POS?
Also I just read the 'lipstick' thread, which at some point turns into an anti-trans hatefest:

"I’m supposed to believe men in drag are women. And if you put on a werewolf mask, will you also expect me to believe you’re a werewolf?" (Luckynkl)

'Men in drag??'. I need to go and disinfect my brain.
quite an education, that is.
luckynkl is also i believe the charmer who likened fellatio unto coprophilia (i am being delicate with the fancy Latin because the very phrase makes me gag; y'all who remember this may know what i'm talking about, she used the vernacular), and further suggested sarcastically that there was nothing more "dignified" than a woman "with a cock hanging out of her mouth."

It's sort of fascinating. On the one hand, TF still has some smitten smart liberals in her corner (the ones i am primarily thinking of at the moment are male, probably in her basic demographic, and thoroughly decent folk); on the other, the rest of her base is, well, people like this.

she reminds me of nothing so much as a certain neocon (male) blogger, with a similar reactionary/clever upper-class urbane sneer and similar oddly divided vibe to his base. different demographic, but similar levels (if not worse) of hatefulness, loopiness, and sheer fuckwittery.

anyway, i hope she's real proud. Viva la Revolución! ¡VIVA!!!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
You'll notice the whole Pretty Lady episode.
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