Wednesday, November 08, 2006

we interrupt this blog hiatus to bring you this:

I'll be damned.

no further information on Rumsfeld's resignation is forthcoming right this second, but please feel free to share whatever is on your mind.

I told ya so! I told ya so! Now if only Dick[the VP] would step aside and let the man go thorugh!
Turnover in an administration is good. Fresh ideas and all that.
woo and also hoo! she said, cautiously.
I don't ordinarily comment on politics because I'm not very knowledgable.

but this seemed like the sort of thing I should notice.

I wonder if it demonstrates what Neil said in The Young Ones:

"out of the frying pan - into another frying pan."

isn't this guy Gates a veteran of the Iran-Contra Affair?
It almost gives the illusion that someone in the big office cares. We know it's not Bush. We KNOW it's not Cheney. Condi? I'm sure Papa Bush had something to say about the appointment of Gates since he was his man.
Sounds to me like Poppy's finally gonna intervene and take Dubya's keys away.

Whether Robert Gates is an improvement or just another milder flavor of neocon remains to be seen...but I guess that the people have spoken.

My guess is that Teh Dick is already planning his resignation speech -- for health reasons, of course.

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