Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pay attention to what is going on in Mexico. Blog about it. Call the Mexican consulate, join in the protests that are happening all over the country–maybe even start thinking about how you might reshape your own idea of feminism. And always know that a small slice of power that the women in Mexico have is YOU. International activists/allies have the power to pressure and monitor the activities of the Mexican government. As feminists, it’s our job to put that pressure on the Mexican government. To let the indigenous women of Mexico know that they aren’t alone. Somebody is watching, somebody knows and cares they are there.

You heard her. go forth and do your thing.

I can't speak for the indigenous women of Mexico, but I bet they don't give a shit if you're wearing lipstick or not when you're actively HELPING.

just sayin'.

she's been updating, with suggestions for action.
excellent. thanks for the heads-up.
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