Sunday, October 22, 2006

And in other news:

American Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Anthony D. Romero said, "The president can now, with the approval of Congress:

**indefinitely hold people without charge,
**take away protections against horrific abuse,
**put people on trial based on hearsay evidence,
**authorize trials that can sentence people to death based on testimony literally beaten out of witnesses,
**and slam shut the courthouse door for habeas petitions."

I don't know about y'all, but when I see the word "people", I sort of automatically substitute the word "me". The collective noun "people" comprises individuals, ordinary American citizens, people like me. People like you. People like us.

Substitute "me", "you", "us" in the place of "people". See what it does for you.

Maybe I just have an overactive imagination, but I don't like where this is going. Maybe I should never have read It Can't Happen Here. god knows it's not what anyone would call a heartbreaking work of staggering genius. Maybe it somehow poisoned me and made me paranoid.

If there's anyone out there who can tell me how this is a good idea, please feel free to comment.

It sounds like something the ACLU would say. It has a notorious reputation for things such as that. And, as usual, Romero is wrong.

The new bill doesn't state that "people" can be held without charge. Nor does it take away protections against "horrific abuse."

It might be helpful to find the actual text of the bill or to have watch previous readings of it on CSPAN. If you do so, you'll find the bill refers explicitly, and is only applicable, to non-citizens "enemy combatants."

As a US citizen, you should have no fear whatsoever. It simply doesn't apply to you. It explicitly states that.
ask and ye shall receive.

I'll look into it.
however, all you've told me is that the ACLU has misinterpreted the law.

no new info on how this is a good idea.

any thoughts?
I've always been an advocate of amending the Amendments, updating our laws to suit modern needs within the principles of the Constitution. Evolution and tweaking, if you will. So maybe it is a good thing in that it's an opportunity. Not that what's happening is good, but that it's change in the works and that means we (theoretically) can influence how it changes.

I haven't yet read the bill, but the wording you're using, Ari, makes me really nervous. What - exactly - is an "enemy combatant"? I come from 'non-citizens' of this country, once called immigrants. I'm going to assume it means people who use hostile acts of aggression/violence against the country. However, I disagree that it doesn't apply to us. It's our country and what happens here effects us very much. I have a hard time believing that denying someone - even someone who's in the wrong - their basic human rights is ever a good thing.
Not to play semantics, but I am a linguist, after all... Enemy combatants are still people, last time I checked.

I know, I know... why do I hate America?
ari - if you don't mind me asking, how did you find your way here, of all places?

I'm not exactly on Right Wing America's summer reading list...nor Left Wing America's summer reading list, for that matter...
might be a drive-by.
When I see the word "people", I sort of automatically substitute the word "me". Me me me. Me me me me me meeeeeeeee!!!!!
"When I see the word "people", I sort of automatically substitute the word "me". Me me me. Me me me me me meeeeeeeee!!!!!"

I sure do. and if you were a smart little dinosaur, you would too.

"people" is way too general a term, and it's far too easy to assume "people" applies to someone else, or a group of someones-else, abstract and far away and not relevant to my day to day life. it's too easy to forget to pay attention if I think "people" doesn't personally apply to me.

I have to assume that when the word "people" is used, I am included in that group. me me me.

you are also included in that group. you you you.

but you'd be offended if I spoke for you - if you were paying attention.

I can only speak for myself. and I think you are in error if you think you can speak for anyone else.
See, Phemi, it looks to me like you're just being bratty, and not really insightful or witty or smart.

because, although you obviously read the sentence you commented on, you seem to have missed the sentences immediately following:

"The collective noun "people" comprises individuals, ordinary American citizens, people like me. People like you. People like us.

Substitute "me", "you", "us" in the place of "people". See what it does for you."

What I was trying to get at is the idea that unless one personalizes the bloviating legalese of political-speak in this particular document, one is liable to miss the fact that the collective noun "people" refers to each of us as individuals, a fact that the commenter Ari Rabin did miss.
Just noting that I did not type the above "Stupid person that plays with plastic dinosaurs," or whatever it was that presumably the stupid person in question deleted after it.

PT: put. down. the paint thinner. Really, it'll only bring tears in the end.
I'd add something about how Lizard Girl isn't an American citizen, but honestly, why bother? if she's not going to be remotely serious, why should anyone else?

btw, how -are- things on Planet Claire?
BD - the comments that ain't you have been deleted.

I don't care what you say, anonymous commenter, or Phemi or anyone else. I never EVER screen comments for content - so you see there's no need to fuck with me and my regular commenters like that.

chickenshit behavior like that makes me apoplectic. I am embarrassed that I didn't catch it. BD, honey - I am so sorry. please forgive me.
ps - thanks for the clarification on Phemisaurus, Citizen of The World, btw. I strive for accuracy.
The words for today are:


The common theme? The I in we.

Which of these words makes you an asshole? I don't get it.
but antiprincess! being upset about the demise of habeas corpus is so obviously ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR PR0N.

yes. expressing one's dismay at the new! improved! ability of the leader of the United States to strip anyone he chooses of citizenship, throw 'em in jail indefinitely, and oh yeah, torture is c00l!: ALL ABOUT FUCKING WITH THE RADICAL FEMINISTS AND THEIR DETERMINATION TO RID THE WORLD OF ALL PR0N EVERYWHERE.

especially dumb-as-a-truck-full-of-chickens-going-to-town-as-well-as-quite-possibly-permanently-blotto UK-based "radical feminists" who apparently have nothing better to offer the world than the online equivalent of mooning.

what else could it -possibly- be about? what else is there in this world??
Phemisaurus is in the UK? Noooooooooooo!
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