Monday, September 11, 2006

So I get the sense that I'm supposed to contribute something profound and meaningful today.

But jeez - could anything be profound enough? meaningful enough? especially from someone who was miles away from any actual trauma, well-insulated and safe as I was?

I could piggyback on other people's suffering, I suppose. That's always poignant and moving.

But there's no shortage of actual survivors with actual tales to tell. So I'll let them tell, if they desire, with not-a-lot of noise from me. As they say, better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

so please accept my moment of silence.

(I could make a case that I, antiprincess, was safer on Sept. 11, 2001, than I had been in six years. Mr. AbEx could not pull himself away from the TV long enough to hit me, throw dinner dishes, complain about the lack of hot and cold running threesomes...)
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th why should you feel guilty for not talking about 'the towers'?!?!?!

shit...25,000 children die from malnourishment EVERY DAY. 3,000 died on "9-11". what's our deal?, are we really THAT stupid?

(I included, i'm not singling out anybody with 'we')
aw, bless your heart, Phemi - how ya doin'? where ya been?
why should you feel guilty for not talking about 'the towers'?!?!?!

not so much guilty as feeling completely unprepared to communicate on the subject. Like I didn't read the assignment or do the homework.

of course, even allowing comments to this post (mine, others) may be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...not so silent really if I'm still yammering on in the comments...
Allow me to yammer further ... so much has been said, and while I don't think we should forget, I also think we need to also move on. As clampett rightly points out there are so many other things we should being paying attention to.
hello, transitorrie! welcome!

I also think we need to also move on.

probably easier for some of us than others, depending on proximity to hot spots, whether one's relatives and loved ones were involved, etc.

some sort of weak decaffeinated sugar-free low-cal survivor-guilt-lite? maybe.
Ooh. That sentence I wrote wins a prize for "also" redundancy. ;-)

I lived in the DC area during that fateful time. And people who were directly effected by that day definitely have a host of issues that are different from the general malaise, grief, despondency what have you those of us who weren't directly effected felt.

But being mired in anything worries me. Inertia gets us nothing but trouble.
jeez - I remember feeling seven kinds of wrong when I realized my sister had just started college in DC mere weeks before, and I hadn't made it home for her high school graduation.
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