Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Since the teeming multitudes that are my adoring fans are clamoring - oh the clamoring!- for it, here I present to you, in its entirety, the Sexbot Manifesto.

I'm sure you'll find it compelling reading, right up there with Marx and Solanas and that Unabomber fella. It will set y'all straight. Have no fear.


Ok. Here goes.

The Sexbot Manifesto:

Let your "no" mean "Fuck No!" and your "yes" mean "Hell Yeah!"

>crickets crickets crickets crickets<

Um, seriously. That's it. What do you want from me? What did you expect?

HHAHAHHAAA. Oh, I needed that. FANTASTIC manifesto!
got anything to add?

we could be like the Italian Futurists in the 1920s and issue, like, a manifesto a week.
We need a ditto machine though. Nothing manifests a manifesto like a ditto machine.
i am all for multiple manifestos, but I am kinda tied up (hahaha) with the Protocols and all...
well, anything that ties you up can't be all bad.
le rowr rowr!
May I propose a slight change in wording?

Let your "No" mean "Hell No!" and your "Yes" mean "Fuck Yes!"
I don't know, foolish...WWSD (What Would Solanas Do)?
Mmmm. Doughnuts.
sorry, the Doughnut Manifesto Collective is down the hall...
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