Sunday, July 30, 2006

I blame the migraine-archy

So at about 8:30 friday morning my left hand fell totally asleep, and the left side of my mouth felt like someone just socked me with a fistful of novocain - then after about five minutes? 10 minutes? thirty seconds? the tingly numbness went away and the right side of my head felt like it was being shot out of a cannon into a brick wall, then scraped off the bricks and shot out of the cannon again, and scraped again, shot again, scraped again...the words I had planned on saying in my usual cheerful-perky professionally-nice manner just sort of trickled and slithered out of my mouth. Scared the shit out of me.

My boss thought I was looking kind of greenish and offered to take me home. I didn't fight her. I spent most of the weekend drifting in and out of a queasy kind of sleep. Finally today I started feeling a little better. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. They'll probably say it was a "stroke symptom migraine" (if my internet research was accurate) and to avoid (HA!) stress.

It's crazy - my head feels like a dirty pot all scrubbed out with a brillo pad.

anyone else get scary headaches?

I dunno what a "stroke symptom migraine" is, but I am very glad you're going to the doctor tomorrow, friend. know, the word "stroke" is making me wonder if you'd consider going to the emergency room, even now.
well, clearly I'm not dead so it can't be that bad.

but I'm going to the doctor just to be safe.
I mean, if it were a full-on stroke I'd know it for sure, yes?
I would've thought; but, you know, My People insist on worrying.

anyway keep us posted.
have you eaten anything new or taken any drugs? it could be an allergic reaction. i get migraines from penicillin, some people get them from cheese or chocolate.
nope, no penicillin, chocolate, cheese or aged meats.

I'm clean.

But I am looking forward to seeing the doctor because it's taking all my energy to be civil and professional and nice.
:( you have my sympathy. drink lots of water and get some rest, and i hope you feel better soon..
I get crazy wacky headaches all the damn time. Sometimes they don't hurt so much, just lots of visual disturbances, auditory hallucinations, sensitivity to light and smell and don't even come near me in a striped shirt or I'll throw up. Animated .gifs? I'll put my fist through the fucking monitor.

Other times it's like an icepick through my head, pinning me underwater to a rotting wrecked ship that keeps moving in the current.

I've never heard about anything specifically called a 'stroke symptom migraine' though I have been to the ED a couple of times when some of the nurses I used to work with thought I was having a stroke and dragged my ass in there and I was too incoherent to explain that if they just gave me a cup of coffee and shut the fuck up for half an hour I'd be OK. Or at least remember my name. And please for the love of god make all those beeping things stop beeping.

Sometimes I get four or five of these a week; sometimes just a couple a month. I've had them since childhood.

For me, taking caffeine and aspirin right away, and generally avoiding salt and trying to get enough sleep and staying the hell out of bright light, and especially flickering light (at any frequency, not just strobes) are the things that help most. I've tried elimination diets, allergy tests, neurological exams, brain scans, EEGs, ophthalmological exams, acupuncture, and every kind of pharmaceutical intervention that comes along. Most of which have had side effects that are far far worse & longer lasting than the migraines ever get.

Good luck, and always investigate new manifestations of things.

And no, you wouldn't necessarily know if it were an actual stroke, but I don't think you'd be able to look at the monitor and type.

Hope you're doing better today.
yeah, what alphabitch said.

I was trying to google "stroke symptom migraine" with no success.

but it does sound like what you had falls within migraine symptoms. pins-and-needles numbness, one-sided headache and all.

meh. Not Fun.
hey, antip, how'd it go?
I know this is a little old, and I hope you're all cool now, but I just wanted to correct something:

I mean, if it were a full-on stroke I'd know it for sure, yes?

No, actually. Quite a lot of people who have serious strokes actually have a SERIES of strokes. The first one can be easily dismissed as something else.

I had some random nerve fuckery in one of my arms once and didn't go to the doctor until three days later. He went ballistic at me and said that the worst thing you can do to put yourself at risk of a massive stroke is to ignore a small stroke.

Hope you're all good. :(
thanks, hexy & all-a-y'all.

This has all been quite a learning experience so far.
how are you today? what's the scoop?
I'm okay, as far as I know. I mean, I feel fine, more or less. I feel functional.
do you have a primary care doc or any doc that doesn't suck? can you, or would you want to, just check in and say, "hey, I've been getting all these mixed and kind of scary messages from the ER/neurologist's office, any idea what it all means, dear? and what I can or should do?"

sometimes i find it comforting to just hear from a Voice Of Authority, assuming it's a voice i actually trust.
nope - no regular doc.

the crazy thing is, I'm now so likely to get really paranoid over every little itch and twitch. which is stupid.
dude. i'm glad you're getting that shit checked out.

tell that head to stop achin'!
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