Friday, May 12, 2006

I am not at all what you'd call knowledgeable about the interweb, but I know a steaming pile of shit when I see it. It seems that AOL is experimenting with a concept known as "Certified Email", in which an individual or a corporation could pay a teensy bit extra per email to make sure it gets delivered...cuz god knows where it might end up - maybe someone's spam folder, maybe...well who knows? This "email tax" would create a two-tiered Internet in which affluent mass emailers could pay AOL a fee for every email sent, happily bypassing spam filters as long as the emailer paid the fee. No fee? well, AOL would not be responsible for where your sorry-ass low-rent love note or exquisite poor-man's fisking or pictures of your grandkids might end up. do you think that you should have to pay extra to convince AOL it's worth it to send your mail LIKE THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO, so that you can make sure your shit doesn't get "lost" while the spam gets delivered? then don't go here:

don't have AOL? me neither, but if AOL gets to do this, it's reasonable to assume that Yahoo and others will follow. greedy corporate fucks. stop it now before it starts.

and another thing - I'm not about to tell y'all what to think, but if you're into blogging you might want to take a look at this issue of "net neutrality" and why it's important to keep it:
check out what AT&T and Bellsouth think you're stupid enough to assume is a grassroots independent website created by concerned private citizens:

Capitalist, pleeeze!

AOL is well known for its uber-suckitude, but I am afraid you are probably right in suspecting that the others won't be far behind.

and yah, Net Neutrality is a big deal. thanks for the prod.
wowee - I was just over on Salon and the anti-net-neutrality ad was sitting there on Broadsheet. mabye Salon doesn't have control of its ads?
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