Friday, June 16, 2006

with all due respect,


can blow me.

hee. btw, i never got a chance to tell you: i so totally don't shave. i go through jags when i don't. i AM a wimp about doing it in public, though. i 'fess up to that.

though once, i said fucket and i did it in FL. in FL leaving near a beach. I count that as frickin wicket rad.

also, right now? my pits are braidable. hah.
hey, i should have another serving of knock off irish creme so i can typho more than normal.

Get a load of the comedy video I just blogged on safe sex...
AP, are you referring to this post which she apparently removed? (If so, I don't know what it said in the first place.)

Wish I could feel sorry for her, but you know, I just can't. Maybe now she knows how it feels when she corners other people.
amber, this one is so totally fodder for a blog post. i demand it!

the first one is here,

the second one is immediately after it, something about defending fellatio.
amber, this one is so totally fodder for a blog post. i demand it!

the first one is here,

the second one is immediately after it, something about defending fellatio.
You know, I missed this one, and I think I'm glad.

I'm sure it'd have pissed me off royally, whatever it was, as many of her posts have done. More body and fashion policing?

funny, though, sad-funny, I'm just thinking, the whole business over sex and womens' bodies and presentation thereof: in the light of what's been happening to Twisty's own body, and what's apparently to come.
Oh holy horseshit. I didn't scroll to The Blowjob Posts® before.

You will have your blog post, BL - how could I let down my fans? (har har) Expect it sometime this weekend.

Twisty's sarcasm notwithstanding, I think this is my new motto: "Less blaming and more cocksucking!"
guess I'm not civil anymore. I don't know how to feel about that. I hope it doesn't become a habit.

b/l - rock the fur! do you find though that the beads in your armhair braids make a distracting clicking sound? I know I do...

but what does it mean if you're pro-armpit hair and pro-bj, or at least bj-neutral, at the same time?

lis - Rowan Atkinson is my secret boyfriend.

Amber - I think the "this post was removed by the moderator" post was a joke.

As regards the great and powerful Twisty:

I am mad jealous of her lit skilz. She's Mozart to the rest of the blogosphere's Salieri, no doubt.

But I certainly hope that WHEN - not if, but WHEN - my body craps out on me (as all our bodies will do, eventually) and I receive bad medical news that shakes me to my very core and in reaction to it treat my readers like marionettes on my strings, someone will call me on it.

Twisty asked people to explain to her why blow jobs weren't nothing more than sucking on 'funk filled brautwurst', something no woman's liked since patriarchy was born.

she said she only had the right to ask the question on "accounta the fact that it would give her a big bang". (paraphrased)


OK. No biggie. But, the second post was what actually hurt people's feelings, I think. The first post made it sound like, 'hey, i'm not feeling so great, entertain me.'

The post itself didn't sound that way, but ppl did say thru out the thread, anything to entertain twisty. IOW, some were saying, "I feel like I'm entering a trap, but it's all good and besides Twisty needs to be entertained."

So, various ppl, including Bitch PhD, hedonistic, Ms Kate, and others explained why they found it pleasurable. BphD had to temerity to suggest that giving head felt like she was in control and exercising power.

This set off Samantha and Puffin who expl'd to everyone that, basically, they were dupes of The Patriarchy, eroticizing their own submission to The Cock.

Up until then, it felt like people saying, "yeah, I HATE zucchini too" or "Oh, I love zucchini."

All in the realm of what Lis calls being squicked out.

It got heated in comments, but I don't think anything like the BDSM thread.

The next post from T though: she basically cut loose and let everyone know that it wasn't just that it was gross -- and hence explicable in everyone's mind since she's a lesbian.

Instead, it was a full bore attack on women for having the audacity to say that they enjoyed it and sometimes even felt powerful. The notion that hedonistic is orally fixated and her mouth is the site of her unique pleasure amused Twisty, not in the way you're amused when someone loves zucchini and you don't, but amused her _because_ hedonistic was such a tool. Same for BPhD and the rest.

They'd amused Twisty, giving her a "big bang" because they were such ideologically blinded fools.

That's what set Piny off. When I wrote 'gag me', I hadn't read the second post, just piny's interp. I had an inkling of what had happend. When I finally read Twisty, it really hit home to me just how humiliating Twisty's follow up post was.

I don't really care what these folks think of my enjoyment of any of it, because they've taken my feminist credentials away already and have said as much.

But if you at all want someone you admire to at least tolerate you and treat you as a human being, you might kinda sorta hope that people won't turn their personal 'squicks' into ways to attack your feminist credentials and humiliate you for it.

IOW, it's not just eating the zucchini that made you stupid. we can kinda understand since in this system you kinda end up eating zucchini to make ppl happy. but the worst part, in Twisty's mind, was to actually say that you didn't eat zucchini reluctantly, but really enjoyed eating zucchini. to do that was to _really_ be a tool.
meaning of pro armpit hair? i'm lazy. and we're in such dire straits money wise, i can't afford it.

i mean, obviously, i can afford a 99 ct package of disposables, but i figure it like this. i save a buck on razors. i save 2 bucks on coffee filters by reusing them. i save $5 by never wasting leftover coffee. that sort of thing. At the end of the year, you might have $100 more than you would otherwise, which will probably come in handy for a car part.
jesus christ. well, yeah.

and antip: welcome to the Church of Flame, dear sister.

Even before that, I was going to say, in general: is there something terribly difficult about writing oh for example

"I think blahblah is disgusting and grody"

as opposed to

"No woman likes blahblah"?

maybe that's why she went off; because she really want the second to be true and then got all cranky when people didn't match up to the expectations?

god, why can't people just own their shit?

well, whatever. At this point I'm thinking: honey, if it makes you feel better. Okay, it's not you. It's the entire world. Whatever you say.
And yeah, sure, I'm orally fixated. I hope like hell that if the day ever comes when I'm I'm not able to enjoy food anymore, at least I can continue to derive some pleasure out of pussy-eating and/or even cock-gobbling.
@ amber -- cool! i thnk the only way to fight this is to just not be cowed by it.

twisty said that she'd lost her wits and forgotten that it was the duty of a radfem to shut up when it comes to sex, b/c everyone knows that there's no patriarchy involved in sex.

well, you know, there's something weird that goes on here.

i'm still waking up with some coffee so pardon...

when we're talking working for the patriarchy -- since on a rad fem theory it's patriarchy, not capitalism -- then it's ok to say, "Well, I know that I'm just a tool when I work for a company that, say, makes money by creating advertising copy. eVery day, I write advertising copy that reproduces the patriarchy by making it good, true, and beautiful.

But, you know, I kind of enjoy what I do. I'm a good copywriter. I have to make a living and I'm good at other things, but I really like this. I have great workmates and the boss ain't so bad. But ultimately, I'm an ACE copywriter and it gives me a lot of pleasure to do it.

That seems to be understood and people seem to have a right to feel proud of what they do, even if it does ultimately serve the patriarchy.

And even in its worst manifestation, where you're given the task of writing copy for a breast enlargement surgical practice, everyone says, "well, you know, she has to make a living."

that's OK.

Where you're expected to not engage i any of the above is in your sex life.

What's up with that?
I just wrote this on my own blog in relation to something else, but it's more relevant here, I guess:

Someone had a good point about arguing from the gut versus arguing from the head; I think the gist was, both are perfectly valid; just, know how to tell the difference. and sure, it can be both at once; thing is, the language is different, the...rules of engagement? something...are different.

I am, for example, a big fan of the "I" statements, which comes out of group therapy. When it comes to something subjective--well, to use an example that's blowing up the feministosphere right now:

"I think [sexual act] is gross and vile, and I can't understand why anyone would do it"--perfectly fine.

"No woman likes [sexual act]"--not so much.

Or, well, go ahead and say it, but then don't be surprised when people take umbrage.

Because with the first one, sure, you can take offense at the "gross and vile," but really the only argument is "well, I don't"--and say-hey! both positions can exist!

But if one responds to

"No woman likes blahblah"


"I'm a woman and I like blahblah"

--then you're not just expressing a different sensibility, you're now in the position of having to defend an entire worldview. Which gets a lot more irritating when the original speaker, instead of saying, even something like:

"Okay, you're right, my bad. In my experience, blah blah is gross and icky, the very thought gives me a deep-down queasy feeling; it makes me feel soiled and degraded and objectified; and I truly don't get how anyone could like it, but, hey, if you do, you do, I guess"

instead goes, essentially,

"well, clearly you're just kidding yourself; this is How The World Works. [i.e. appeal to not-named authority]"

--big power move, not suave. (In My Opinion, it is not suave). Which is, I'm guessing, why people blow up in response.

Now, sure, there are times when the objective, universal viewpoint makes sense. You don't have to say,

"In my opinion, the phone is off the hook;"

either the phone is off the hook or it isn't. And any observer can easily verify whether or not it's true.

"The phone is off the hook."

Political shit gets more complicated, but this is where the fun world of statistic and citations and logical arguments and so on come in handy.

In other words, if you're gonna say, oh, for example,

"Blah blah is bad for women,"

then, fine; but don't be surprised when people want you to clarify and back it up with specifics. Define "bad for women." How is it bad for women? What evidence do you have that this is so? Then you have something to work with, at least.
The other aspect of all this is, I think: it's kind of not cool to essentially troll your readers when they've, as a group, taken you in good faith and expressed love and concern and respect, on the whole; it gives the impression of a certain contempt.
lis - Rowan Atkinson is my secret boyfriend.
He can be sexy, particularly in the Blackadder II period. [BTW, have you ever seen The Tall Guy? It's a 1990 movie with RA, Jeff Goldblum is the romantic lead, costarring with Emma Thompson (who, before she became the Merchant-Ivory queen was known for a raunchy standup act that could make every man for miles cross his legs). The film has the FUNNIEST sex scene imaginable, and never fails to crack me up. The only time I've ever regretted watching it was the evening after my wisdom teeth were removed, because it hurt too much to laugh.]

But you can have Rowan Atkinson, if I can have Tony Slattery from the heyday of "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me"
Back to the interblog flamewar du jour, I'll point out that my dispute with Ginmar started over her universalizing claim that "Women don't need drugs" for sexual problems, and my dissent that some women do.

Among the better comments I've seen poking around the sites, I rather like Arwen's to Amanda and several people who saw fit to tell Heart over at Women's Space that some of Twisty's commenters weren't as innocent as Heart would like to make them out to be.
Just found the other good comment I'd wanted to share, over at miserable bliss
And from somebody outside the circle, it's Orgasm Amnesty Week (Wonder if this could help?
--oh, Tony Slattery! he's on Who's Line Is It Anyway, isn't he?

I'll take Josie Lawrence, please. also Greg Proops. big rawboned funny gals and wry snarky ambiguously gay Elvis Costello looking boyz.

I do love that show. The original, I mean; it is amazing the difference a Drew Carey can make to an otherwise hilarious show. he's like the anti-funny.
oh wow Belledame. you're right: there's a lot of contempt there.

"Some of you seized the opportunity to acquaint the group with your erotic autobiographies (don’t quit your day jobs!)."

it's not just 'what utter fools you are' but you are so easily duped into being utter fools for my entertainment.

i guess that's what i glommed on to in my comments at feministe, but it only hit home to me with the word contempt.



please. if i ever do that; please kick me. kick me good 'n' proper.
Gah. I meant "Whose Line" not "Wait Wait" Where has my brain gone...
thanks for the miserable bliss link, btw; added to blogroll.

goddam, there are way too many good blogs out there.
I don't mind the Drew Carey version, because I'm so incredibly impressed by the talent of Wayne Brady.
Not a show I'd go out of my way for, but one I'd watch if I happen to notice it's on.
>"Some of you seized the opportunity to acquaint the group with your erotic autobiographies (don’t quit your day jobs!).">

Oh, wow. The genteel veneer begins to crack.

You know, I'm sorry she's in pain. I really am. Cancer's a bitch from hell.

But goddam me if it wouldn't be more honest to write, oh, I'm just spec-channeling here:

"I'm miserable and hurting and now the one thing that gave me pleasure (good food) is being taken away from me. Listening to all these "rah rah teh sexxxy! women already made me feel horrible like some kind of sexless freak because they may as well be speaking Venusian for all of me; and now, godgodgod, what's happening to my body? I am having all my sexual organs removed. and you have the nerve to come in here and go lalala, sex is teh fun and men are groovy and aren't we just having a wonderful time with our BODIES! Fuck YOU."
thanks for the miserable bliss link, btw; added to blogroll.

One other promising blog I recently stumbled over is
Get a load of her recent attempt to question a radfem
ooh, already linked her (LOVE her), but haven't seen that exchange. (moseying over)
Oh, wow. The genteel veneer begins to crack.
You know, I'm sorry she's in pain. I really am. Cancer's a bitch from hell.
But goddam me if it wouldn't be more honest to write...

That's why I really appreciate piny's post showing how Twisty unfairly stacked the deck.

Yet another insightful comment within Twisty's own post
belledame, hadn't thought of it that way.

i guess i don't geddit. i'm dying as i type. i have congenital heart disease and no insurance and uninsurable. even marrying r wouldn't help. i'll probably keel over in my mid to late 40s, poof vanished.

there have been days i wake up with a heart that felt like it's been jump started. that's coz it has in a sense. it stopped. something kicked it in and brought me back from the dead.

i'm not beating anyone else up over it. i'm sorry to sound like a self-righteous bitch and maybe i've just had longer to think about what i face and maybe the occasional pain has made me realize that death will be welcome. and maybe knowing that when my heart has stopped it didn't hurt to die.

i dunno.

but i don't think i've ever sat around and hurt people. i just want to live my life and have a good laugh while i can. i figure i raised this gloriously beuatiful kid -- and done things no one in my family has done. who could really ask for more?
goddam but I have to go bear R.B.'s children now.

And that post sums up *exactly* why I was so upset over the BDSM thrashes. She did exactly the same thing. Set it up, knock 'em down, throw in a little dig about "ew, I don't want to hear THAT." Only difference is, then she wasn't quite as overtly hostile (again, I expect the recent terror and anger are factoring); and, sadly, BDSM isn't nearly as widely understood or defended as the good ol' fashioned blowjob.

it's cool. you know, I really am feeling more and more these days like:

Oh, okay, it really *is* your problem. Too bad. Next?
BL, most definitely wasn't excusing her. and goddam goddam. Goddam.

why, if I can ask, wouldn't marrying R help with the insurance business?
I had been thinking: wrt Twisty. it's not just that she's ill; it's the *way* she's ill. there is a certain ghastly irony to it. sexual and reproductive organs: they really did betray her in a way that even the patriarchy can't touch.
lis, oh yeah, Wayne Brady, he's terrif.

and they have a lot of holdovers from the old show, Ryan whatsisname especially, I love.

I get the feeling there's no love lost there.

I had a giant laugh one night when the audience dare/question was:

Something that Drew can't deal with (something like that.

Ryan walked up to him and planted a big ol' smacker on him, right on the kisser.

yeah, he is homophobic. and he keeps inserting himself in the action, and...

goddamit, even the smallest things.

"Hello, welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway, where the points don't matter..."

Dumbass, if you SPELL IT OUT then it ISN'T FUNNY ANYMORE.
belle -- prior condition.

lis -- orgasm amnesty. don't geddit? this is reading like, i dunno.

oh i never realized what a freak i am. it doesn't take me even 8 minutes. wait. i'm going to run off and time myself. BBL
Love this post. LOVE IT.
oh good jesus fuck the whole "we'll only cover your health insurance if you don't actually need it right now" is enough o make my head explode.

yeah; maybe there *are* more important things to worry about that who's blowing whom, at that.

Just popped over as belledamme commented on one of my posts and mentioned the long long long debates going on aabout sex and beauty rituals.

Of course I am not really a feminist but a nasty woman hater :-)

--oh what a giveaway. i mean:

Howdy, stroppybird!

Of course I am not really a feminist but a nasty woman hater
Now, now, you shouldn't say such things about yourself.

Besides, there are probably plenty of other people willing to say it for/about you. ;}
ha, glad to see there are still feminists who have a sense of humour :-)

I am well aware there are women who know what i am really thinking and saying much better than I do myself. I define myself as a feminist and if others don't agree thats tough.

So can people actually disagree here or do I get sent to the naughty room and reprogrammed :-)
Naughty room, most definitely.
Ha, it will take more than a recycle bin/naughty room (sounds fun) to get me to shut up and behave.....
Ha, it will take more than a recycle bin/naughty room (sounds fun) to get me to shut up and behave.....

Oh, good. I like you. :)
lis wrote:

"Besides, there are probably plenty of other people willing to say it for/about you. ;}"

hee. ain't dat da troot!

nice to learn of stroppybird's blog. i wish the original recycle post was online, it was a bummer missing it!

depends on if you like reprogramming. you might actually get plesure out of it. in which case, it would be a sisterly duty to oblige.

also, i think we just call you a hedgehog or something when you've been bad and don't want a good and proper reprogramming.
So can people actually disagree here or do I get sent to the naughty room and reprogrammed :-)

well - you should check the april and may archives - disagreeing is allowed, as long as your point is to genuinely disagree and not be a great big meaniepants.

feel free to stropp-ulate at will! the worst I'll do is ask you to stop being a meaniepants. These comments aren't moderated, and I'll probably never actually ban anybody, no matter how aggravatingly they may present themselves. so do your thing...shit - we'll take you to the naughty room anyway...
please. if i ever do that; please kick me. kick me good 'n' proper.

I will sell tickets your ass kicking and I'll administer it myself - if you promise to do the same for me.
Twisty's instigation of the BJ wars reminds me of that "AMPED" cellphone service commercial wherein some random individual commands to other individuals "start a fight with that guy", "eat that gum stuck under the seat", "play the piano with your face", "shake your junk", etc.

that bugs me way more than the idea that some women think penises are icky. it even bugs me more than the fact that some women think that women who like penises are icky by association (and that bugs me a lot).

Performers from Ann Coulter to Andy Kaufman run on more or less the same principle: is it real or is it a joke? Or is the joke that it really *is* real, but it *seems* like a joke? well, anyway, looks like, uhhh, the joke's on me, the audience member, no matter how you look at it. (weak laugh) that was funny.

Arguably Kaufman really *was* quite funny and Coulter is nothing more than a toxic blob of ectoplasm; but, to my mind, the transaction is pretty much the same. A power game. Ironically enough in this case.
And it always plays out the same way. "I'm up, you're down. Again."

I don't have time for it.
Oh, lookee here...guess who's decided to rubberneck this trainwreck:

Not suprisingly, Heart's solidly in Twisty's corner, moaning about how the anti-fellatio activists are simply overwhelmed and attacks on women who blow their partners is just good old fashioned feminism.

I guess that trashing transsexuals gets a bit tiring, doesn't it??

I'm developing a rebuttal of my own; here's part 1:

Part 2 is forthcoming...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
if'n i have to read, one more time, that

1. the fact that people are making a big deal of it is an admission that they agree. the thou doth protesth too much argument. it's making me want to vomit.

it's not an argument. it's attribution of motivations that no one knows i or anyone else has.

it's implicitly upholding the fruedian theory twisty decries, in the name of defending twisty. arrrrgh.

it writes off legitimate disagreements. oh, obviously, you're SENSITIVE about this issue. i wonder why.

Somebody fuck me in the ass with a football bat already! (not that there's anythig wrong with that, just the football bat IS wrong) I pluck my eyes out with grandpappy's rusty jacknife.

2. twisty just uses hyperbole and she was only kidding.


it's all a joke. Okeedokee. all radfem's a joke. Alrighty then.

I'm making a button:

Feminism. We're just kidding!

Feminism. Don't try this at home, we're just joking.

Sorry, didn't mean to female ejaculate in your eye. I was just kidding.

as to that last one, at piny's thread, i likened what Twisty did with getting off on humiliating people. She did say she'd get a big bang out of it.

for someone who doesn't like BDSM be/c it eroticizes power relationships, I'd say that this was a fine example of precisely the kind of relationships she happens to think goes on in BDSM. Someone using other people for their own amusement.

I'm sorry if that's harsh Antiprincess.

delete the post.

and i promise to kick you good 'n' proper if you ever do same.

thing is, my best fried and i have promised to shoot each other upon first signs that we've turned into our mothers. we haven't done it! and we are turning into them. ;p
OOPS...forgot to activate the they are:

Women's Space: Feminist Hierarchies
This is Heart's post.

The SmackDog Chronicles: The Feminist Fellatio Kerfluffle (Part 1)
This is the first part of my response.

Sorry about that.

OK. Miz B...if I went too far with this, then I do apologize. I was simply stating that someone else was getting in on the debate; I didn't intend to rouse you any more than I did.

Just say the word, AP, and I will delete that last post. I'd rather have it out with these fools on my turf, anyway.

@ B/L: "it's making me want to vomit."

that could be the cheap-ass low-rent Bailey's substitute you're drinkin'... ;)

as to the rest of your post, I have no complaint. you're not calling anyone names or being intolerably snide or dismissive. I have no reason to scold you.

as a bonus, I am also in complete agreement.
AK - I don't see anything scold-able in your post. (maybe one came and went before I could see it?)
that's OK anthony. you should have seen what R did over at feministe. he freakin' cut loose.

i had to stop him from heading over to the den to get into it with dubhe. fortunately, he was persuaded to not bother from the fact that his post would never see the light of day.

but he couldn't help himself wanting to tear into a few people in my defense, so he had a word at piny's. yikes. you mean and the chivalrous charlie routines.

Sonshine's gf was grilling me about sonshine's tendencies in that regard. pretty funny.

anyway, i agree with AP. what is objectionable. you kept your ire at your own blog and just let others know here.

that's cool.

and AP. i wish. i can't drink much these days.
"mean" shoulda been "men". you MEN are such chilvarous charlies sometimes.
>for someone who doesn't like BDSM be/c it eroticizes power relationships, I'd say that this was a fine example of precisely the kind of relationships she happens to think goes on in BDSM. Someone using other people for their own amusement.>


But, ah, as long as you're not getting off on it EROTICALLY, it's all perfectly fine.

never even mind that in at least some cases, it wasn't consensual, and even with the ones it was, you overrode some safe words and did damn shitty aftercare.
> 1. the fact that people are making a big deal of it is an admission that they agree.

oh sweet jesus, that's just classic trolling 101. actually, that's worse than trolling; usually it's "oh, people are making such a big deal, so and so must be REALLY SAYING SOMETHING IMPORTANT AND CONTROVERSIAL."

It's like this. You kick someone's shin. They jump up and down and swear. Maybe they kick you back. Someone else comes over to rubberneck, *they* get poked in the neck, they hit out blindly. Predictable? You betcha. Drama? Hell yah. Proof that there is a significant Truth at the bottom of this kerfuffle? Only if you think the Three Stooges were philosophers.
...I mean, by that logic, when Ann Coulter says that the 9/11 widows are basically out to make a buck, and everyone jumps up and down and gets all agitated, that must mean she's REALLY ONTO SOMETHING.
Thanks for the welcome.

Stroppyblog is two people, btw. Me, Stroppybird, and Louisefeminista.

Be good to see you all over there and i'll pop over here.

Look forward to the naughty room ;-)
Moron question, but I just left a comment on Pandagon's to which Ms.Kate responded:

"Oh yeah, Lis. I just checked your link and remembered who you are. Gotcha.
Go to Cafe Flesh and have a nice long drink, okay?"

Maybe I'm particularly dense this morning, but I don't get it. What the heck is she talking about. Is this intended as an insult or something?
Well, I decided to stick my neck out as an idiot and publically ask what she meant by it.
We'll see what kind of response I get...

An art house porn flick with a SF theme, "Cafe Flesh" is set 5 years after a nuclear holocaust. A radiation-based illness has rendered 99% of the population impotent; actually repulsed by flesh-to-flesh contact. These anti-sex mutants are referred to as Sex Negatives. The remaining one percent who still have sex (and enjoy it) are forced by law to perform for the rest of the population in hopes of arousing sexual desire. The sex performances take place in clubs such as Cafe Flesh.

This rare SF porno film is a thought-provoking exploration of alienation, sexual revulsion, and exhibitionism. The look of the film is imaginative, and the photography and the acting is first-rate (for porno, anyway).


If that's what she's referring to, I'd probably take it as a compliment. I think.
Unless of course that's some reference to my FSD having left me effectively asexual and thus I only get vicarious pleasure from hangin with the pro-sex folks...
ugh, lis. if it's a ref. to FSD? ugh.

it seems odd. MsKate had kewl things to say at twisty's. but i will check it out to see.
Get a load of this Aw shucks comment by Twisty about the whole kerfuffle.

ms kate, can't imagine she's insulting you in so far as you both seem to be advocating a similar view.

still don't get the cafe flesh ref, though.
please capsulize the comment. i have the flu and i am staying away from irritants. :)

seriously, love the woman's writing and humor, dislike the lack of perspective.
I don't think msKate's comment was anything but dismissive and mean.

I saw that movie. not flattering.
> Awww
Get a load of this Aw shucks comment by Twisty about the whole kerfuffle.

Okay. That's it. Ick.
BL, the entire response was:

Twisty Jun 18th, 2006 at 12:54 pm

Thank you for the compliment, but permit me to point out that it’s not my blow-up. I can take credit merely for posting a few innocuous words on my own website. The ensuing lofty discourse to which you allude is entirely the province of gifted and eloquent third-party cocksucker/ideologues.
I'm getting a little sick of her sarcasm. And I say this as a huge fan of sarcasm myself.

/ another ideological cock-sucker
Sarcasm's one thing. Never fucking turning it off is something else. That's always a big red flag for me. Look: a lot of people have serious problems with what you said, and it's not just the ideological problem, either: *You hurt peoples' feelings. Badly. For no good reason.* People who care about you. No one's asking for sackcloth and ashes here; but at least an *acknowledgment* that this might be just a *tiny* bit you might be good at around this point.
(obviously "you' was not addressed to amber or anyone posting here; but I think you knew that)
Well, well, well, look who's here. If it isn't Cheshyre, the patron saint of: 1. strawfeministing and 1. bullshit.

Funny, that's not why I got pissed but you've been bitching about it for two years or more. I got pissed because I don't much care for people who think my blog is their soapbox, and when you couldn't manipulate me you went whining to your blog and your hubby. How's that for a start?

I don't know why I bother. This is from a woman who makes an apology out of one side of her mouth and then boasts about her whiny ass victim act elsewhere.

If you want to know anything about how I feel, ask me, because every time I catch you pronouncing on something about me, you get it wrong. My, I'm just certain that's an accident.
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