Monday, June 19, 2006

anyone else see this?

any thoughts?

Interesting, indeed.

Let me get this straight...

All the neo-cons and rightists are telling us that we absoultely MUST eradicate dem Moooooo-slems from the face of the Earth, in large part because they don't treat their women as equal... ally of ours does virtualy the SAME IDENTICAL thing and blocks a female blogger's site for fear of defying that same Moooo-slem rule that 2,500 American soldiers (and nearly 150,000 Iraqis) are dying to supposedly oppose...

Will someone point that to Tony Snow in his next presser and ask him this: When will we invade Saudi Arabia???

(Not that I'm particularly in favor of that, mind 'ya...but I find it particularly funny that our Chickenhawks are always pushing the "liberate their women" line when they defend the "War on Mooooslems"...but when shit like this gets pulled off, the silence is quite deafening.)

Then again, considering that the same Christian Right wants to do the exact same thing for women here in the US, their silence on this might be just plain jealousy that the Saudi's beat them to the idea...

Hypocrisy...gotta love it.

Yes to Anthony.

My head hurts and my eyes can't focus anymore.
Just extrapolated on it at the SmackChron:

Read it and weep....for what this country has become.

When will I learn to activate the link???

The SmackDog Chronicles: Forget Net Neutrality; THIS Is Why We Must Save The Internet

Sorry again.

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